These Quotes From Colin in Black and White Make Great Instagram Captions

Netflix's limited series Colin in Black and White dropped today, Oct. 29!

The show follows the early years of Colin Kaepernick, allowing audiences to get a glimpse into what made him the man he is today. It's heartwarming, funny, relatable and a must-watch. Whether you've seen Colin in Black and White or not, we think you'll absolutely love some of the quotes that also double as great Instagram captions, listed below!

For when you're succeeding:

"I knew that if I do what I do, there is no competition."



For that throwback picture of you at a football game:

"As a kid, you're not thinking that you're being groomed for a system. You just love playing football. You're just trying to make the team."



For when you're fresh out of the hair salon:

"When I got my hair done, my swag went from zero to 100 real quick."



For that photo of you eating pineapple pizza:

"What one person embraces. Another person despises."



For when you and your besties are giving back to the community:

"You have to know when to lead and when to follow."



For that pic of you killing it on the field:

"Trust your power. Even when you don't see it, believe it."



For when you post a pic of your new braids:

"I felt like my hair was playing tug-o-war with my scalp. And the rope they were using was on fire."



For that picture you took of your favorite view:

"You will learn to find beauty in places the world tells you there is none."



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