Inspirational Colin Kaepernick Quotes That Make Great Instagram Captions

Have you heard of the upcoming Netflix show Colin in Black and White?

It's about the life of Colin Kaepernick as a young child and teen, and how he ended up becoming a huge football star. In light of the upcoming show, we've done some digging into Colin himself, and love what he has to say. Below, you'll find some inspirational Colin Kaepernick quotes that also make great Instagram captions.

For when you reach your goals:

"I was not going to let people tell me what I'm capable of."


For that photo of you working out:

"I refuse to take shortcuts."


For when you're showing off your skills:

"If you're going to do something, you're going to do it to be the best."


For that pic of you and your friends on a run:

"I'll never take the easy way out."


For when you're constantly looking to get better:

"The biggest thing is I watch myself: What I need to improve on, what I can do different."


For that throwback photo of you in a questionable outfit:

"I don't think I can be too hard on myself."


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