College Bound: Miranda Cosgrove Plans to 'Fight On' at USC!

Anxiously awaiting to start her college career, Miranda Cosgrove discusses her obvious university of choice, USC, and answers the question everyone is dying to know: will she join a sorority?

Although she is currently pursuing a very successful acting career, Miranda reveals that higher education is on her priority list.

Miranda decided to pick USC after seeing how her older friend, who attended USC, was able to balance both an acting career and a college education.

With the location and great academic reputation, USC was a no brainer for the iCarly star.

So will Miranda join a sorority?

She explains "I don't know! I can't see myself in a sorority. I don't know if I'm going to get there and go crazy and want to be in one [laughs]. It seems fun though. You make a lot of friends and meet new people."

Either way, we know Miranda is going to have a blast at USC!