Survival Tips for Attending College in a Warm Weather State

Whether you grew up in a state known for its hot weather that lasts through most of the year or you're simply moving to one after you head off to your new university, going to college in a warm weather state is something that you might be less prepared for than you think.

Before you head off to campus and shock yourself with how sweaty you get on your way to each class, here are some survival tips for going to a college where the weather is seemingly always warm.

1. Keep Deodorant in Your Bag

You will get lost finding where you need to be during the first (and maybe even the second) week of class, and you will thank us for this tip when you realize how hot it gets when you're walking across the whole campus trying to find your way.

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2. If You're a Hot Coffee Person, Now's the Time to Fall in Love With Iced

Not only will it keep you awake through your 8 am lectures (and through the 3 pm slump), but it will also keep you cool at the same time.

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3. Open-Toed Shoes Are Your Friend

Unless you have a lab class where close-toed shoes are required, you'll want to pick up a few solid pairs of sandals to keep your feet from feeling like a furnace.


4. Take Advantage of the Lack of a Dress Code

All those shorts and tank-tops you weren't allowed to wear for fear of being dress-coded and sent home to change (as messed up and sexist as that was anyway)? Yeah, now it's time to rock them as often as you please.

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5. Athleisure Isn't Just for the Gym

Sweat-proof workout clothes that keep you cool and comfortable aren't just for the gym anymore. You can sport these sporty sets to class, the library and to the coffee shop without anyone blinking an eye—and yes, you could also wear them to work out too if you so choose.


6. Bring a Cardigan to Class

While outdoors may feel like an oven, walking into your classroom might feel like entering a fridge. It may feel good for a bit while you work on cooling off, but after some time you might start to see goosebumps form on your bare legs. Bringing a cardigan, hoodie or another item of clothing to layer with will be the best move for you to stay comfortable both in class and out.


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7. It Will Get Cold at Some Point

Just because you might be more worried about how warm the weather is most of the time doesn't mean you won't be worried about not being warm enough when winter finally does come. It won't last long, but keeping at least some of your trusty sweaters handy might just save you when the weather does take a colder turn.

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