Magician Collins Key Gets Real About How to Handle Being Rejected by Your Crush

Mustering up the courage to talk to your crush, let alone make eye contact with them, is tough.

And while we can give you a few tips, it's always best to get a guy's perspective with these types of matters.

That's where magician Collins Key comes into play. From the best text you can send to your crush, to how to properly deal with rejection, Collins is offering up some stellar relationship advice.

Have a pen and paper ready to take notes as you read what he had to say below!

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Sweety High: What's the best way for a girl to get a guy's attention?

Collins Key: I think to just be themselves. For me, the most attractive thing a girl can do is be genuine and true to herself. I also appreciate a girl who's in it for the long game.


SH: On the flip side, what's the worst way to get a guy's attention?

CK: I can only speak from my experience, but just being super up front and putting a lot of pressure on the relationship before it is anything is not good. I want to take the time to get to know them first and see if we vibe, rather than just being super serious right out of the gate.


SH: What are some telltale signs a guy is super into a girl?

CK: It's usually pretty apparent. Guys aren't the best at being subtle. If he's playful with you, that's definitely a sign he likes you. I just get super hyper. It's embarrassing.

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SH: Do you recommend a girl wait to be asked out, or take the initiative and ask the guy out herself?

CK: For me, I'm a lot more shy when it comes to that stuff. I'm not the guy who's like 'Hey, let's go out.' I have to know she's just as into me as I am to her.

But it really depends on the guy. You just have to play it by ear.


SH: What's the best text a girl can send to a guy that will get an immediate response?

CK: Hey, I brought you Chipotle. Or send them a meme.


SH: What's the perfect conversation starter for a girl to use?

CK: Find out what your crush is interested in and go from there. Also, people have a misconception about asking a ton of questions. The only reason you ask questions is so you can find out what you guys have in common and then start the conversation from there. So it's good to ask questions to learn their interests, but when you find something you click on, go with that.

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SH: How much attention do you pay to a girl's hair and makeup?

CK: It really comes down to how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel confident and makes you feel good, then go for it. Don't do everything just to impress a guy.


SH: What's your advice for handling rejection?

CK: Do not take it personally. A lot of times, it's just not right. The friend zone is my second home, but you eventually get over it.


SH: What's a great place to go on a first date?

CK: Anywhere you can spend a lot of time connecting with each other. Don't go to the movies or to a concert. Do something where you can spend some quality one-on-one time getting to know each other.


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