I Tried Color-Changing Lipstick for One Week—Here's What Happened

The idea of leaving the house without knowing what my makeup will look like for the rest of the day is a bit scary.

I've groomed myself to make a "mirror check" the last thing I do before I step out. You can imagine my surprise when I heard about color-changing lipsticks.

Color Changing Lipstick

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These groundbreaking cosmetics change color according to your pH levels. Right before your eyes, these lip products take a life of their own! When you roll them out of their tubes, these regular-looking lippies turn out to have three very unorthodox high-pigmented colors: green, blue and yellow. The colors seem something out of an emo music video, definitely not something I would be down to try. Nevertheless, the pH in the moisture of your lips transforms these crazy colors into the most beautiful reds and pinks. I had to try them for myself.

I opted for FLiRT Cosmetics Lip pHetish Lipsticks because of their good-for-you formula infused with Vitamin E, sunflower and rosemary extracts. There is nothing worse that a dry lip, and these ingredients were sure to keep my lips moisturized all week long during my experiment. 

Monday and Tuesday Brought High pHever

Color changing lipstick

(via Flirt Cosmetics)

I decided to grab the bull by the horns and try the craziest color first. I'm not adventurous with makeup and this deep blue would have me run the other direction any other day. I got ready for my day and left my lipstick application as my last step. I quickly documented the moment before I headed out the door, and to my surprise, I was very pleased with what I saw! This deep, dark blue transformed into a rich berry hue. It looked almost purple on my lips and it quickly settled to the most beautiful just-bitten look. I tend to opt for clear lipgloss during weekdays and this deep, gorgeous hue garnered compliments on both days that I tested it out.


No Humpday Slump With On pHire


(via Flirt Cosmetics)

After my successful first run with color-changing lipstick, I decided to try another equally crazy lip hue on Wednesday: yellow. I rolled the tube of product out and hoped for the best. I couldn't believe my eyes when it turned into the most beautiful coral peach color on my lips. After leaving most of it on my Starbucks cup, I reapplied mid-morning. The second application made the lipstick settle into a deep pink. My lips felt super moisturized and I couldn't believe it when the compliments kept rolling in. Although the color was noticeable, the lipstick let enough of my natural lips shine through to make it wearable during the week so I rolled with it for Thursday, too.


Weekend Vibes with Super pHresh


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The weekend was upon me and I was so excited about the great feedback I had received from my color-changing makeup experiment. I had one last green tube to try. I bravely grabbed the tube of frog-green lipstick and applied it before I headed out the door on Friday. The green morphed into a perfectly pink hue that I was sure would go great with all of my weekend plans! It was sheer enough to rock during the day and layering it thick would help make it a great nighttime look. Saturday night I felt like I needed to kick it up a notch and I did so by layering the green and blue hues together. I danced the night away at a party and got asked a zillion questions by my friends whenever I reapplied during that outing. A few of them asked to borrow the lippies and I happily obliged. 

Color Changing Lipstick


If you're brave enough to try color-changing lipstick, you should go for the mermaid eyeliner trend, too! You can see how Allison fared on her experiment HERE.