This Tea Changes Colors From Blue to Purple With the Addition of One Simple Ingredient

There's no shortage of unique and interesting drinks in existence around the world.

We've seen everything from unicorn frappuccinos and mermaid lattes to goth lemonade and juice served in giant baby bottles.

While on our hourly Instagram scroll, we stumbled upon an interesting beverage that is even more magical than any mermaid or unicorn drink combined.

A caffeine-free drink, butterfly pea tea does something pretty spectacular that not many (if any) drinks can do—it changes color.

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You may think there's some crazy trick to get the tea to change color, but really all you need is some lemon juice. Yep, this drink can go from blue to purple with the addition of something like lemon juice that has a higher pH.

Don't just take our word for it, watch this color-changing spectacle in action with the Insta vid below:

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Pretty, cool huh?

The tea can also turn red if you add some fuchsia roselle hibiscus flowers to it.

Whether you prefer your tea hot or cold, it will change colors just the same no matter at what temperature it's served.

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The best part about this tea is that you don't need to visit some fancy schmancy tea store to get it. You can order yourself a loose-leaf version of the tea for $14.95 from BlueChai.

Maybe you'll discover another color this navy blue tea can turn into?


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