These Incredible Coloring Books Under $15 Prove Coloring Isn't Just for Little Kids

It's no secret that in recent years coloring books have become an all-ages affair.

Coloring books clearly aren't just for little kids anymore, but the "adult" coloring book is a misnomer, too—no matter what age you are, there's the right coloring book for you.

But with hundreds and hundreds of them out there, which one fits you best? We colored a lot to give you a handful of options.


Doodle Monsters: $9.95

Monster Doodles coloring book cover

The Doodle Monsters coloring book is full of adorable hand-drawn beasts and creatures straight from the mind of artist Maryna Salagub. Every page of the coloring book is packed from top to bottom with creative and vibrant monster doodles.

Monster Doodles coloring book: robots and other monsters in black and white

The creatures in this book have fun and organic designs—and with dozens and dozens of varied characters in every drawing, they'll definitely keep your hands and your mind busy for hours. If you're looking for a coloring book that just bursts with energy, you'll love this one.

Monster Doodles coloring book: monsters coming from tennis shoe


This Annoying Life: A Mindless Coloring Book for the Highly Stressed: $12.95

This Annoying Life coloring book cover

This Annoying Life: A Mindless Coloring Book for the Highly Stressed is a hilarious tribute to those frustrating situations in life that might be funny—if they were happening to someone else. Each image in the book depicts an annoying scenario, and as the cover of the book suggests, you're free to color outside the lines to convey how you really feel about the scene.

This Annoying Life coloring book: stolen bike tires and blender explosion

Whether you're coloring in a scene about discovering a bike with stolen tires, an uncapped blender throwing its contents across a kitchen or a horrible visit to a dentist's office, this book will help you reflect on the annoyances of life and teach you not to stress the small stuff.

This Annoying Life coloring book: dentist's chair

Kitty's Cat: Book One: $6.50

Kitty's Cat coloring book cover

The first book of Kitty's Cat is the perfect coloring set for cat fanatics looking to unwind. It features a similar precious cat outline in each of the 20 different drawings, but each individual page features uniquely intricate details to color to your cat-loving heart's delight.

Kitty's Cat coloring book: cat with hearts pattern in black and white

And if you particularly love a design and want to color it in a second time, you're in luck because there are mini versions of all 20 cats at the end of the book.

Kitty's Cat Coloring Book Page


DC Comics: Wonder Woman Coloring Book: $10.77

Wonder Woman Coloring Book cover

Wonder Woman is the original fierce female superhero, and this coloring book is the perfect representation of everything she's able to achieve. From poses with the rest of the Justice League to striking action scenes, the images in this book will offer something for every Wonder Woman fan.

Wonder Woman Coloring Book cover page in black and white

While coloring books featuring well-known characters tend to feature less elaborate designs, many of the drawings in this book are just as detailed as other so-called "adult" coloring books. It may take hours to color in just one scene of Diana and the Amazons fighting off the bad guys, and that's all right by us.Wonder Woman coloring book page


Coloring Bird Mandalas: $6.66

Coloring Bird Mandalas coloring book cover

Mandalas are a staple in complex coloring books, but they're even better when the repeated shapes form recognizable figures. And these ones create birds!

Coloring Bird Mandalas owl in coloring book

Whether you're a more methodical colorer or you like to just go with the flow, you'll want a full range of colors to bring these vibrant feathered beings to life on the page.

Coloring Bird Mandalas: peacock coloring


Wild Savannah: A Coloring Book Adventure: $8.83

Wild Savannah coloring book cover

It's incredible to watch the animals featured in Wild Savannah come to life, one tiny colored block at a time. All of the African savannah creatures are featured here in at least one of many highly involved designs.

Wild Savannah coloring book: lion in black and white

Even the simpler drawings take a long time to complete, but with a bit of thought and patience, the brilliant results are worth it each and every time.

Wild Savannah coloring book: rodents coloring


Fashion Artist's Coloring Book: $5.99

The Fashion Artist's Coloring Book offers up simple but super detailed designs inspired by all aspects of fashion, from apparel to shoes, accessories and everything in between.

Fashion Artist's coloring book

Each page is packed with style, but with small, manageable pages, it'll fit neatly within your bag. It's perfect to break out every once in a while with your favorite colored pencils for a sweet moment of calm. Like the cover says, these designs are definitely stress-relieving.

Fashion Artist's coloring book: colored page


Supernatural: The Official Coloring Book: $10.39

Supernatural coloring book

If Sam, Dean and Cas are your Man Crush Mondays every Monday, you seriously cannot miss this coloring book. It's full of some of the most memorable scenes in Supernatural history from the very first season of the show to the present.

Supernatural coloring book: Dean and Sam in black and white

In addition to line art drawings of the boys, the book also features detailed patterns inspired by the show. And if you want, draw yourself into the scene next to your Supernatural crush—we promise we won't tell.

Supernatural coloring book: Dean and Sam


Fantastic Structures and Fantastic Collections: $11.79 and $11.71

Fantastic Collections/Structures coloring book cover

Perhaps the most impressive of all of the coloring books we sampled are Steve McDonald'Fantastic Structures and Fantastic Collections. Both books include minutely detailed patterns and drawings inspired by real life, and they're all awe-inspiring and beautiful.

Fantastic Collections coloring book: butterfly coloring page

Fantastic Collections focuses on groups of similar things, whether they're a group of paper lanterns, a school of wriggling koi fish or a collection of butterflies with their wings spread wide.Fantastic Structures coloring book: black and white landscape on street

The Fantastic Structures book focuses instead on architecture, buildings and cityscapes, both real and imagined by the artist. They are gorgeous, but so intricate and detailed that you probably won't finish them in one sitting. If you love the process of creating art, both of these books will soothe your soul.

Fantastic Collections coloring book: partially colored leaves


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