The New ColourPop x The Muppets Collab Is AMAZING

ColourPop has some of the best collabs in the makeup world.

From Harry Potter to Star Wars, Hocus Pocus 2 and more, we've been absolutely loving every single collab from the iconic brand. And guess what? Their new collection with The Muppets is finally here, and it's even more amazing than we ever could have expected. Keep scrolling to see what's in the entire collection.

Meet The Muppets Super Shock Shadow Set: $28

There are four shadows in this bundle including Beat Dreams by Animal, Wocka Wocka by Fozzie, Yaay! by Kermit and Holiday Hostess by Miss Piggy. Each shadow is a creme-to-powder formula and has major color pay-off. The shades are sparkly, ultra-pigmented and totally adorable.

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It's Moi Glitter Gel: $10

If your fave character from The Muppets is Miss Piggy (we'll admit she's definitely our favorite!) then you need to get your hands on this glitter gel. Pink glitters in an adhesive gel make up the phenomenon formula and will take your baby pink makeup look to the next level.

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#SquadGoals Glowing Lip Set: $32

There's nothing better than a creamy lip product, and that's exactly what you get with this Glowing Lip Set. The four shades include Warm Up Guy (nude beige), Kissy Kissy (pink), Chill! Chill! Chill! (red) and Picture of Joy (peachy coral). Whichever shade you end up wearing for the day, just know that your lips will be thoroughly hydrated and plumped thanks to vegan collagen and plant-based butters.

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Holidays! Holidays! Holidays! Shadow Palette: $26

ColourPop almost never disappoints with their eyeshadow palettes, and we're seriously into this one. Coming with 16 gorgeous shades in pastels, vibrant hues, mattes and glitters, these super-pigmented shadows can create any holiday look. We're especially fans of the "Festive" shade.

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Full Collection Set: $99

You can get your hands on the entire collection when you buy this set. Included are the Holidays! Holidays! Holidays! Pressed Powder Palette, Glowing Lips, Super Shock Shadows and It's Moi Glitterally Obsessed Glitter Gel.

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