7 Bras You Won't Want to Rip Off the Second You Get Home

The first thing a lot of us gals do when we get home is tear our bra off.

Most would think you'd remove your shoes, but no, for me, it was always the bra. Whether straps were digging into my shoulders or the band felt constricting, I never felt comfortable.

A recent survey I was sent asked 1,000 different women about bras. In the end, it was determined that 68% of women find them to be uncomfortable. After reading this, I was determined to find a bra that was actually comfy.


(via Karlie Kramer)

Lately, I've thought to myself about this ridiculousness. I shouldn't feel the need to remove my bra right away, so I made it a mission to find one that I'd barely notice I was even wearing. And wouldn't you know—I found a few!

Below, check out seven bras you won't want to rip off the second you get home:

1. Felina Delightful Seamless Lace Bandeau: $29

As a big-busted gal myself, I've had a distrustful relationship with strapless bras. They slip down throughout the day and lay against my waist like a belt. I'd basically given up on the idea of ever finding a descent one, but once I tested out this Felina bra, all my wildest dreams came true. This is literally the only strapless bra I've ever worn that's stayed put all day.

felina bra nude strapless

(via Felina)


2. Blush Nomad Unlined Underwire in Wisteria: $42

This is without a doubt the prettiest bra I've ever worn. When you think of cute bras, they're typically not that cozy. This one by Blush Lingerie, however, is the exception! The beautiful lavender and burnt orange hues make for an interesting color combination. Plus, due to the sheerness, I've been able to wear it under light colored clothing without it popping through.

purple lace bra blush

(via Blush Lingerie)


3. On Gossamer Cabana Cotton Bandeau Bralette in White: $34

On days I don't feel like hoisting the girls up to my chin, a bandeau is a good call. A simple, classic bralette like this one from On Gossamer, is my go-to. It's not ultra-constricting, yet it keeps my chest firm and in place. This is great for days when I'm doing leisurely activities and keeping movement to a minimum.

on gossamer white bandeau

(via On Gossamer)


4. Parfait Briana Unlined Underwire Bra in Black Floral: $54

Parfait is made for girls with bigger busts in mind. It's so difficult for me to find bras that are both cute and comfy, but this brand gets the job done. I'd say to go down half a cup size in this particular bra, as it tends to run a little big. Other than that, the straps are thick enough that they don't dig into my shoulders, which is a big plus in my book.

parfait black floral lace bra

(via Kohl's)


5. Le Mystère Sheer Illusion Demi in Midnight Waters: $25.60

I love a good T-shirt bra, and this one by Le Mystère just might be my fave. After all, my goal was to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation, which I get here. By wearing this to work, school or errands throughout the entire day, you won't be left with sore shoulders or a feeling of compression—promise!

blue bra

(via Le Mystère)


6. Richer Poorer Scoop Bralette in Ivy: $28

If bras seriously aren't your thing, I recommend this bad boy from Richer Poorer. The material is silky smooth, and feels amazing against my skin. I wore this throughout the day last week, got home and wore it as a sports bra. I love how the bra can be converted to my needs and worn in a multitude of settings.

green bralette

(via Richer Poorer)


7. BRABAR Soft V-Neck Crop: $36

Similar in feel to the Richer Poorer bra, this particular piece from BRABAR is also exceptional. It's super soft (hello, the name), and can even be flipped around for a V-shaped neck. Plus, it fits many sizes, ranging from A to DDD—talk about innovative! I've definitely worn this a bunch and can say from experience that with each wash, it gets even softer.

black bralette
(via BRABAR)


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