Are You Making These 6 Common Concealer Mistakes?

If we could only take three things with us to a deserted island, you better believe concealer would top that list.

Concealer is basically magic cream that hides dark circles and blurs blemishes—and chances are, you're not using it to its full potential. From selecting the incorrect shade, to blending with the wrong brush, here are six common concealer mistakes that many people make.

Applying Concealer Before Foundation

The order of face makeup products is still something that can be confusing, but make note: Concealer should always be applied after foundation or tinted moisturizer. Think of your foundation as a base for your concealer to hold onto, making it last longer.

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Using a Shade That's Too Light

Using a super light concealer to mask dark circles and blemishes might seem like the natural thing to do. But don't be fooled, too light a shade will actually highlight the things you're trying to cover up! Underneath the eyes, use a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone and for blemishes use a concealer that matches your skin tone.

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Selecting the Wrong Formula for Your Skin Type

Not all concealers are made equal! Some have light illuminating properties for highlight, some are more creamy, while others are matte. Which one to choose? Blendable and creamy works best for underneath the eyes, whereas a concealer with more luminous effects is nice down the nose and in the center of the forehead. For covering pimples, dark spots and blemishes, go with a matte.


Using the Wrong Blending Brushes

While using your fingers is definitely the best practice for underneath the eyes, a concealer brush is key for blending the concealer on the rest of the face. This gives you the most control and a more natural finish.


Not Setting Your Concealer

Setting your concealer with a light dust of setting powder is crucial for a look that lasts. If you're opting for a really dewy look, just set the areas that you don't want highlighted.


Applying Too Much Coverage

More coverage is not necessarily better when it comes to covering blemishes. Piling on lots of concealer only makes blemishes more noticeable. The trick is using a lighter concealer around the base of a raised bump and one that's skin tone on the raised portion–this makes it much less visible to the eye.

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Applying Concealer in a U-Shape Underneath the Eyes

If you're looking to brighten and open up your eyes, then you need to stop applying concealer in a U-shape underneath your eyes. Instead, create more of a corner or V-shape, pulling the concealer down from the inner eye to the edge of the nose, and then pulling the concealer back diagonally to the outer edge of the eye and then back to the inner eye. This opens and brightens up your face and is a total game changer.

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