Discover the Meaning Behind Your Most Common Dreams

Your head hits the pillow. You close your eyes. And off you drift to dreamworld.

You've probably woken up with remnants of a few strange or interesting dream moments swirling around in your brain. Before you realize it, you're analyzing every little moment from said dream to discover the true meaning behind it. What does it mean if your crush says they like you? What does it mean if you're being chased?

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Dream Analysis expert and author of A Little Bit of Dreams Stase Michaels knows exactly what your various subconscious thoughts reveal about you.

"Looking at your dreams is also a way of understanding yourself," she shared with Sweety High. "Dreams are designed to answer the questions and the unresolved feelings that you have."

Scroll through her list of the most common dream examples to find out what they are trying to tell you right now. You might be surprised about a few of these interpretations.


You're at a Party

Pay close attention to how you interact with those at your dream party, because it should be reflective of what's actually happening in your life with your besties. It could hold all the answers of how you should deal with an issue.

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You're at School

Seeing as it's a major part of your life, this is definitely a dream you need to pay close attention to. Normally it means there is something you need to learn. Better start being extra mindful of what's happening in your classes then!

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You're Being Kissed

Whether it's the boy you can't get out of your head planting one on you or a thoughtful peck from your mom, a kiss in a dream means you're growing closer to the person giving you a smooch.

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Someone Says "I Love You"

If someone you are crushing on expresses their feelings towards you, this is a positive sign if there ever was one. They certainly have feelings for you, as you do with them, even if those feelings are more friendly than romantic. They make you feel loved, and they're reaching out, so don't be afraid to do something about it!

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Your Parents Upset You

This is another dream that mirrors how you are feeling in real life. Your desire to be independent is often held back by your parents telling you what you can and cannot do. You want to be a "grown up," but your parents aren't letting you do this. Let them know how you really feel next time you have this dream.

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You Fail a Test

This dream feeds on your anxiety about school. But it also is a sign that you may need to be more attentive when it comes to your school work. Don't be lazy. Get your work done!

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You Encounter a Ghost

There's something that you may be fearful of or worried about at the moment. You definitely want to talk to someone about what's scaring you, because you don't want to hold it inside until it becomes too much to bear.

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You Can't Talk

You may be scared to speak up, but it is important that you be assertive with those around you in your life. Express whatever is on your mind.

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You're Being Chased by Something Scary

You may be feeling helpless about a particular situation in your life. Once again, this is your chance to make your voice heard about said situation. Don't hold back your feelings. Let them all out.

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You Experience the End of the World

As this dream implies, it symbolizes the end of something major in your life. Now that may be scary, because who isn't afraid of some serious change? And while you may be afraid, experiencing the dramatic event this dream foreshadows only means you will be able to grow as an individual.

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