7 Common Problems Only College Freshmen Understand

College is a time unlike any other period in your life, and the first—AKA "freshman"—year of that is unlike any other within your college career.

Not only is it your first exposure to college culture, but it's probably also your first time living away from home for an extended length of time. As such a unique time of life, there are some problems that only college freshmen can truly understand. Whether you're already a freshman (or have been one at some point) and can nod your head along with these in agreement, or you're planning on going to college and want to know what to expect that first pivotal year, here are some of the common problems only college freshmen will understand.

1. The Dining Hall Running out of Your Favorite Flavor of ___

Whether it's your favorite freshly baked cookies or just your favorite flavor of Gatorade that you always chug the morning after dehydrating during an all-nighter, the dining hall can sometimes let you down. Don't let the disappointment hit you too hard, though, as you might just discover a second-favorite flavor as a replacement.


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2. The Way Everything Gets So Much Nicer During Parents Weekend

There's one golden week during the fall semester when, all of a sudden, things around campus are just nicer. From better options and full stocks at the dining hall to hallways that are actually clean and clear, you can't help but notice that it's almost like the university really steps it up to impress the parents who are probably paying a big portion of their child's education.


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3. Campus Feeling Like a Maze

When you first start as a college freshman, there's a good chance you'll be discovering new areas of your campus as if you're traveling through a foreign country for the first time. This is especially true when you're trying to locate your classrooms, as it can seem like you've stepped into an alternate dimension where what you thought belonged in one place is suddenly on the opposite side of campus and you are, without a doubt, lost.


4. When You Buy the Course Textbook Only to Not Open It Even Once

If there's one pro tip upperclassmen know, it's to not purchase your textbooks until at least the second week of class. It's always good to be prepared for your classes, yes, but many of your courses (depending on your major of course) are ones where you can still ace the class by either just showing up and taking notes or renting the book instead.


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5. The False Impression Provided by Syllabus Week

Ah, syllabus week. The week when you fully believe that college is going to be a breeze full of ice breaker games, easy essay prompts and spending more time staring at the cute people in your class than the actual classwork. Sadly, college freshmen quickly find out that this week is but a fantasy, a false impression quickly replaced with actual deadlines and plenty of nights spent stressing about your schoolwork. If we have one tip of advice, it's to relish this week while you can.


6. The Way Everyone Else Hates on Freshmen for Seemingly No Reason

"Freshman" is a title almost no one wants in college, mainly because it comes with a few not-so-excellent associations. But the weird part is, everyone in college or who has ever attended college was once a freshman! So don't let the shade thrown at your whole class for the year get to you, because you're one step closer to being a sophomore who might soon understand why freshmen get so much of a bad reputation.


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7. Rush Week Feels Like a Foreign Concept

Rush week, whether you plan on rushing for a sorority or fraternity or not, is…interesting. People will be decked out in perfectly curated outfits and it might look like your university is temporarily populated by a strange species of frat boy/sorority girl that cares about nothing but Greek Life, but try not to get stuck in the thought that your whole college career depends on this odd week. Whether you decide to rush or not to rush or if you don't get your top choice, try to stay positive and remember that whatever happens is for the best.


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