These Unique Companies Are Striving to Make Face Masks Fashionable

With everything going on in the world right now, you may be curious about whether or not you should be wearing a face mask.

While it's worth knowing that non-N95 respirator masks offer only limited protection from the coronavirus, you should also remember that medical professionals need those masks more than anyone else.

Your other options are loop masks and specialized masks with carbon respirators. While these won't necessarily stop the virus in its tracks, it can be good practice to wear them, alongside good hand-washing practices and avoiding close contact with anyone who might have the virus, as a safety precaution for you and others. In some instances, they might also prevent you from touching your face!

Afraid you'd look kind of weird in a mask? Keep reading to discover some of the companies striving to make their washable and reusable masks more fashionable and appealing.

Los Angeles Apparel

The designs for Los Angeles Apparel's cotton masks may be simple, but they're the way they are for a good reason. All purchases of their three-packs of face masks help fund the donation of masks to other essential services, including efforts against the coronavirus. You can wear those bold Lakers colors and help those in need.


Los Angeles Apparel: Simple face mask in purple and gold

(via Los Angeles Apparel)



Giftgowns specializes in quirky hospital gowns that are anything but boring, and we love that they've also started making face masks with bold designs. They're simple, yet totally striking.

Giftgowns: Simple XO Face Mask

(via Giftgowns)



Here's where things start getting a little pricier at about $50 per mask—and for good reason. These masks were developed to allow users to breathe cleanly in highly polluted cities, with a special seal and frame, and featuring a disposable filter, designed to keep out pollutants. They also come in various colors and Active, Pocket and Light editions for every kind of user.

Airpop: Model wearing simple pink face mask

(via AirPOP)



Freka is the priciest mask on this list retailing at nearly $140 for both the four-piece mask system and the required air filter, but some will find the combination of sleek design and function to be worth every penny. Featuring a silicone nose piece for extra comfort and a special mesh fabric for extra breathability, it's protective and runway-worthy.

Freka: Model wearing fashionable face mask

(via Freka)


Cambridge Mask

This unique mask from the United Kingdom was originally developed to combat pollution, using military-grade filtration technology created by the U.K. Ministry of Defence. On top of that, the brand features a number of creative and colorful designs that you'll be happy to wear.

Instagram: Cambridge Mask face mask on woman

(via Cambridge Mask)



Airinium masks utilize a series of carbon and electo-charged layers to remove gases, odors, allergens, dust and bacteria out of the air before you breathe them in. With fabulous pastel colors contrasting the industrial design, they look effective, yet chic.

Instagram: Woman wearing airinium face mask

(via Airinium)



Like some of the other masks on this list, Vogmask was also originally designed to protect against poor air quality, but has become very popular in the last month due to coronavirus concerns. It shields against pollutants, but is also meant to protect users from tiny inhaled particles, including certain viral and bacterial airborne ones. They also come in dozens of flashy and eye-catching designs—all of which are currently sold out on Vogmask's website.

Vogmask: Moderl wearing green face mask

(via Vogmask)



At $19.99 per mask, MYAir combines style and affordability. While at first glance, they almost look like simple bandanas, they actually support a filtration system adapted from medical respiratory technology to allow users to breathe more safely in pollution or during flu season while still looking cute. Their designs are also some of our favorites on this list.


young beautiful short blue hair hipster woman with headphones music in the city wearing myair face mask

(via MyAir)


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