Compartés Chocolate Bars' Most Unique Flavor Combos Will Make Your Mouth Water

Compartés chocolate shop, based in Los Angeles, California, has some of the most unique candy creations around.

In addition to their unique flavors, they also have intricately designed packaging that makes the chocolate pop before you've even unwrapped the bar.

Their new Avocado White Chocolate flavor may have you scratching your head, but when it comes to wild bars, this chocolatier is just getting started. Browse some of their most interesting selections below:

Avocado White Chocolate

I don't know if you've heard, but here in California we love our avocados like they're a member of the family. That's why we're so excited about Compartes' newest bar that's packed with white chocolate and California 'cados.

Avocado white chocolate bar

(via Compartes)


Crackling Rock Candy Bar

This bar is reminiscent of the wizarding world's Fizzing Whisbeez. Chocolate plus crackle is everything you need to feel like you've stepped right out of Honeydukes.

Crackling rock candy chocolate bar

(via Compartes)


Dark Chocolate Art Graffiti

These limited edition bars are literally one of a kind. The classic dark chocolate bar is covered in a hand-painted graffiti design. This bar is a work of art!

Graffiti painted chocolate bar

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Vegan Kale Dark Chocolate

Well we've heard that a little dark chocolate a day can be good for you, but this flavor takes the health kick to new extremes. What do you think?

Vegan kale healthy chocolate bar

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Cereal Bowl White Chocolate

This is a balanced breakfast we can get behind.

Cereal and marshmallow white chocolate bar

(via Compartes)


Potato Chip Crisp

Salty and sweet nicely complement each other in this smooth and crunchy chocolate bar. Why choose between a bag of chips and a bar of chocolate when you can have both?

Potato chip chocolate bar

(via Compartes)


Hazelnut Toast

Think Nutella toast but melted down into a chocolate bar. Yes, this bar does have pieces of toasted bread sprinkled throughout.

Hazelnut toast chocolate bar

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Bijou Chocolate Bar

These bijou bars shine bright like a diamond. Dark chocolate coated in multicolored sugar crystals make this bar almost too beautiful to eat.

Bijou chocolate bar covered in colorful sugar crystals

(via Compartes)


Animal Cookies Dark Chocolate

This bar is for the chocolate lover who has an extra sweet tooth. Sprinkles on frosting on cookies on chocolate.

Animal cookies chocolate bar

(via Compartes)


Donuts and Coffee

Real donuts and real coffee go into these milk chocolate bars to create a breakfast of champions.

Donuts and coffee chocolate bar

(via Compartes)


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