An Expert Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Hair Removal

If there's one thing we can't stand, it's feeling hairy.

Luckily, everyone deals with the agony of shaving far more frequently than we'd like. But what about the easier ways? While it's difficult to get rid of hair permanently, there are a variety of methods for removing hair that don't involve a razor.

On Friday, we attended a bash at Completely Bare's Summer House in Beverly Hills, California, where we were treated to a complimentary waxing and had a chance to learn all about the brand's wide variety of hair removal products.


(WireImage / Michael Bezjian)


(WireImage / Michael Bezjian)

And who better to break it all down for us than the company's founder Alicia Nussdorf? We chatted with the expert, so keep reading for everything you need to know about hair removal.

Sweety High: What age would you recommend starting hair removal? Is there an age considered too young?

Alicia Nussdorf: There's no real recommended age, as hair removal is so personal. Hair growth is a natural occurrence that comes with puberty, which usually happens between 10-16 years old. There are many methods of hair removal: shaving, waxing, epilating, tweezing, threading, sugaring, laser, electrolysis. Before moving forward with any of these methods, it's important to discuss the options and decide which one is the most comfortable.


SH: Are there any benefits of hair removal, aside from aesthetics?

AN: Shaving not only removes hair but also dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Therefore, it can result in clearer skin over time. Removing hair also can help skincare products be more effective as the ingredients can be delivered directly to your skin.

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SH: What are the downsides or the risks of a hair removal lotion?

AN: Depilatories are a great and painless way to remove hair. It's important when looking at using hair removal lotions that directions are followed carefully. If directions are not followed, use can lead to skin irritation. If this occurs, pure aloe vera gel can be used to help soothe and heal the area affected.

SH: When you use lotion (Completely Bare products, for example), how long until hair typically grows back?


AN: Everyone's body is unique and therefore the frequency of hair growth varies from person to person. Some people shave every day and others every three days. However, if you use our don't grow  THERE Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor after hair removal, twice a day for a minimum of 28 days, the hair will grow back more slowly and finer.


SH: Does hair grow back thicker or quicker than normal after you remove it?

AN: This is an old wives tale. Removing hair does not make hair grow back thicker or quicker than normal. Shaving hair leaves hair with a blunt tip, which can make it appear darker or thicker when it is not. Removing hair at the roots can be an option with waxing, depilatories or tweezing, if this is a concern.


SH: What are the biggest misconceptions of using hair removal lotion?

AN: That it has to be messy and smell bad. With ctrl+hair+DEL Facial Hair Removal Cream with pen applicator, we've made it easy to place the lotion exactly where you need it. If you are looking to remove hair on larger portions of your body (back, arms, legs) we have easy OFF Foaming Hair Removal Spray. No mess, and no gloppy lotion. Plus, it has volcanic ash to help polish your skin, and it has a fresh lemony scent.


SH: What are your top Completely Bare product picks and why?

AN: Completely SMOOTH Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel. It's one of our best selling products, and it gives you a super close shave without clogging up your razor, which is one of the reasons for ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Also, eco-friendly beads dissolve instantly for a nice boost of moisture to keep skin hydrated and smooth.

Also, don't grow THERE Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor. It's all in the name—a great everyday body moisturizer that keeps you hydrated but also helps minimize hair growth so you don't have to shave or wax as often. It's a win-win. And if you're looking for a similar option for the face, we have go fuzz FREE Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor, all the same great benefits of our body moisturizer, but formulated for the face and unscented.


SH: Anything else you think readers should know about Completely Bare or hair removal in general?

AN: Completely Bare helps you to not only remove hair but we also take care of your skin before, during and after the process. What sets us apart from other hair removal lines are our pre and post-care solutions, which take care of your skin however you decide to remove or not remove your hair. Our products have amazing plant and botanical ingredients that help you maintain healthy-looking skin. We are a women-founded and operated company. All the products are items that we use on ourselves and therefore are paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free and affordable.


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