Compliments Guys Can Give Girls That Aren't Too Forward

As women, one of the most annoying things we deal with is catcallers.

Can we get an amen? Why on earth would we ever respond to someone saying something vulgar about our bodies? If you're a guy and think catcalling will somehow work in your favor, we're sorry, but it won't.

Instead, you should stick to compliments women will actually appreciate. So whether you're crushing on someone in a class, saw a girl in line at a coffee shop you thought was pretty or it's a girl you've known forever, we can help. Keep scrolling for the best compliments guys can give girls that aren't too forward—and are sure to start a conversation!

'Hi, my name is ___. I just wanted to let you know I think you're beautiful.'

Assuming you've never met this girl, by introducing yourself, you're making it personal. Instead of just giving her a passing compliment, you're making it obvious that you'd like to have a conversation of sorts.


'I like being around you. Would you ever go out on a date with me?'

If you already know this person on a first-name basis but have never really had any one-on-one time, this is your chance to find out if she sees anything with you in her future. You're putting her on the spot, but if she likes you, she'll appreciate your tenacity.


'You just might be the most hilarious, down-to-earth girl I've ever met.'

There's nothing a girl loves more than being complimented on how witty and personable she is. By letting her know you think she's both funny and down-to-earth, she'll practically swoon on the spot!


'I feel like I can tell you anything and you won't judge me. You make me feel safe.'

Outright, this might not seem like a flat-out compliment, but you are complimenting the way she makes you feel. By confiding in her, she in turn will start to trust you, leading to more in-depth conversations in the future.


'I love it when you wear your hair like that. You're the most beautiful girl in the room.'

Women love being complimented by their looks from time to time. Do you think our hair looks immaculate on its own? Heck no! She likely put a lot of time into her appearance, and she'll love that you noticed it.


'You're stunning. I swear, I'm not trying to pick you up. Just paying you a genuine compliment. Hi, I'm __. What's your name?'

If you don't like being forward, this backward approach will do you well. Even though you're definitely trying to pick her up, by saying you're not, it will put her at ease. And by then introducing yourself, you're showing her your intentions are true.


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