Confidence is key.

The more confident you are, the happier you are—it’s a fact of life!

Girl on top of a mountain with her hands up (Photo Credit: Dudarev Mikhail via Shutterstock)

We spoke to Jamie Cat Callan, author of Ooh La La! French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Everyday, and she revealed to us nine pointers for boosting your confidence.

Are you ready to believe in yourself more than ever? Take notes, these are tips you’ll want to keep for life!

1. “Less Is More”

Jamie told us that when clearing out clutter, it’s critical to “choose quality over quantity.” If we keep only things that make us happy, chances are we will be happier! Jamie explained that this principle applies to multiple things including your room, clothing and makeup, too. Get rid of the stuff that’s weighing you down. ????


2. “Read a Book”

According to Jamie, “Being brainy is beautiful and a great way to feel confident.” Knowledge is power, girls!

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3. “Walk Everywhere”

If you have the option to walk rather than drive, always do! “It’ll help you feel grounded and strong and connect you to your home and community,” Jamie explained.


4. “Dance”

This is one tip we know we can followJamie assured us that dancing not only builds great posture and body-awareness, but it also brings “joy and lots of confidence in the power of your own physical being,” she said.

Lesson learned. Keep dancing!

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5. “Know Your Style-Story”

Having your own distinct style will help you feel more self-assured. “This is your story and it’s the thing that makes you unique,” Jamie told us.

It’s true! What do you want the world to think when they see the way you dress?


6. “Take Time for Yourself”

This one is major. Although it’s important and nice to be social, Jamie stressed that it’s key to “know yourself” in order to feel confident. The only way to truly know yourself is to spend some quality time with yourself!

Girl sitting in a meadow by herself

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7. “Self Care”

Along the same lines, take time to take care of you! Jamie recommends enjoying bubble baths and using moisturizing body creams. “Take time to enjoy everyday simple pleasures,” she explained. Treat yo’ self!


8. “Find Your Signature Fragrance”

Jamie’s got a task for you! “Try out different scents. Visit your local Sephora or department store and take samples home,” she advised.

It’s important that you ask yourself what scents you gravitate toward most. By knowing your scent and knowing yourself, you will feel that extra boost of confidence!

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9. “Find a Mentor”

Think long and hard right now about what women in your life you really look up to. Jamie advises that you reach out to one of those women and ask them to be your mentor! It’s important to have someone who you can turn to for advice and guidance.

Jamie’s right: “We are all in this beautiful journey together!”


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