9 Ways to Be More Confident This School Year

Although it might seem like you hear it way too often, confidence really is the key to success.

We totally understand that moving forward with grace, vigor and security in life may seem next to impossible sometimes. That's why we want to share these tips to help you start the school year refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Check them out below!

1. Be a Good Friend

Smiling, talking to others and being approachable are just a few of the qualities a good friend possesses. Although these are important in making new friends, it's equally as valuable to be caring, kind and loving to the friends you already have, too. Being someone people can count on is a great quality and something that will help you build confidence in future relationships.


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2. Move Past Your Mistakes

Believe us, we know how easy it is to get caught up in your past. But constantly dwelling and thinking about all the ways you went wrong won't help you in future situations. Sure, it's great to self-reflect and think about what areas in your life you can improve, but it's far better to learn quickly from your mistakes and take on new challenges that come your way in a wiser manner.


3. Face Your Fears

Each time you confront your fears head on, you gain strength, courage and confidence. Even if it doesn't feel like you gained anything at the time, in the long run, you'll be proud of yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something to empower yourself. Even if it's as small as talking to someone new in class, a little can go a long way when it comes to gaining confidence.


4. Stop Overthinking

As someone who perpetually overthinks everything, this is a big one. It's a skill that takes time, but it can be accomplished. Overthinking both social and academic situations can lead to anxiety, stress and depletion of your confidence. The minute you feel yourself starting to panic and overthink, take a deep breath and remember that your first basic instinct is usually correct. As the old saying goes, go with your gut!


5. Turn Negatives Into Positives

This is a tough one, but I know you can do it. If you're normally shy and introverted, and you decide to go to a party for a while and end up leaving early, you'd most likely see that as a negative, right? Try to consider the fact that despite usually keeping to yourself, you decided to try something you normally wouldn't for an hour. Seeing the silver lining in every situation will help you gain more perspective and feel good about yourself in the grander scheme of things.


6. Be Prepared

Being absolutely prepared in every academic and social situation this year is the key to success. Academically, make sure you stay on top of your school work by keeping a planner. Organizing your priorities will help you feel more confident in your academic abilities. Socially, it's important to make sure that you know what to wear and the info you'll need to tell your parents before heading out.


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7. Dress to Impress

If you want to feel more confident, it's time to up your style game. If you have a presentation in class, why not dress it up a bit? Whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in are the clothes you want to go for. Feeling good about yourself starts from within, but a little style boost on the outside doesn't hurt, either!


8. Don't Be So Hard on Yourself

Beating yourself up won't help any situation. Remember to give yourself a break once in a while. If you didn't do as well on that test as you would have liked, remind yourself that you worked hard and did your best. Most of the time, things are never as bad as you think they are so just try to relax.


9. Be Yourself

Above all else, be your amazing self. It's true, we can be our own worst enemy, but if you can learn to accept yourself and be confident in all that you are, things will feel 10 times easier. Being the unique and wonderful person that you are is the best possible thing you can bring to any table.


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