How to Feel More Confident Before a Performance

If you suffer from stage fright, then you know how absolutely nerve-racking it is to stand up in front of people and perform.

What if you mess up? What if you forget everything you're supposed to do? What if you totally embarrass yourself? These and more questions are enough to make anyone freeze before they head onstage.

So how can you gain the courage you need to conquer your fears? Keep scrolling for our best tips on how to feel more confident before a performance.


Practice is the No. 1 way to ensure your performance is perfect, but it's also the best way to build your confidence. The more time you spend on what you're supposed to do, free of the stress of other people watching, the more easy and natural it's going to feel for you. It gives you a certain level of trust and self-assurance that you definitely know what you're doing, which can help calm your nerves and increase your confidence before you go onstage.

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Make Sure Everything Is Ready Beforehand

There's a lot that goes into any performance. Your outfit, your makeup, your necessary supplies. Worrying about all these things can increase your stress on the day of, therefore making your nerves more frail and causing you to be more prone to tension and worry. To eliminate some of that anxiety, try to gather everything you'll need for your performance before the day of. You can even make a checklist of all your items to ensure that everything's ready to go well in advance. That way, you eliminate some of the excess stress and allow yourself to focus solely on calming your nerves, rather than running around like crazy and heading onto the stage frazzled and nervous.


Distract Yourself

While you might believe that thinking through every step of your performance up until the second you step onstage is the ultimate way to ensure you won't mess up, it actually increases your stress. The more you obsess over every last detail, the more you'll start to convince yourself that you've missed something. Instead, trust that you've practiced enough and know what you're doing, and search for ways to distract yourself before the performance. Talk to your friends, listen to music, read a book—basically just allow your mind to rest and prepare itself for what's to come. It'll keep you from getting too caught up in your own head and allow your memory to take over and shine once you step onstage.

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A few minutes before you head onstage, make sure you take time to relax your physical body. Get in a comfortable position, practice some deep breathing and focus on releasing all the tension you have stored up. Not only will it make you more loose and comfortable for your performance, it will also help calm your mind and ease your worries, allowing you to foster a sense of optimism and self-assurance about your performance.


Think Positive Thoughts

Sometimes confidence doesn't come all that naturally, which simply means you have to fake it 'til you make it. If you find yourself slipping into worried and anxious thoughts, make a concentrated effort to switch your thinking to the positive side of those  feelings. For example, if you keep thinking that you're going to mess up, try constantly repeating to yourself that you know exactly what you're doing. You might not fully believe it yet, but it will allow you to create a sense of optimism that can help ease your fears and improve your state of mind. After all, false confidence is better than no confidence.

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Visualize Success

It sounds lame and cliché, but imagining yourself succeeding in your performance is one of the ultimate ways to foster a sense of confidence. Instead of thinking about everything that could go wrong, use the time before your performance to imagine what it would look like if everything went right. Imagine the audience going crazy and the smiles of approval you'll see on your friends and family's faces. By focusing on the best possible outcome, you'll push yourself out of a negative mindset and give yourself a chance to look forward to all the praise that's coming your way.



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