We Connected to Our Power Animals, and Here's EXACTLY How You Can, Too

Before we even begin to explain how you connect to your power animal, you may be curious to know what even is a power animal?

For the best answer we went directly to an expert on the subject matter—Victoria Vives Khuong, an international teacher who trains Shamanic practitioners, Reiki practitioners, crystal healers, sound healers and psychic readers.

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According to Victoria, "A power animal is a helping spirit that encompasses the essence of a species," she told Sweety High. "A power animal brings great wisdom, and, as the name indicates, can restore your power and bring you strength throughout your life or during specific challenging times in it."

Intriguing, right?

Recently, my co-worker Ashley and I have been going through some struggles in our personal lives, so we've been curious and excited about the possibility of meeting our own power animals. Fingers crossed they'd guide us and offer some much needed advice.

To see how we connected and communicated with our animals based on tips provided by Victoria, scroll below. And if you're feeling inspired, test out the process yourself. Your power animal awaits!

What surprised Ashley and I most about this process, is that it only takes a few simple actions.

Victoria broke down the process into nine steps as follows:


1. Meditate

To begin this process, Victoria explained that you must start by going into a meditative state. She suggests you listen to music, preferably drums.

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2. Expand Your Awareness

Once you're deep into that meditative state, Victoria suggests you "Expand your awareness beyond your physical body and physical senses." Use your imagination and try not to focus on anything but breathing.


3. Imagine Traveling to a Lower World

This is the step where you begin to take action. "Imagine that you are in front of a rabbit hole or a hollow tree and start going down into the earth through it," Victoria explained.

As you go down this hole, mentally recite that you're going down to meet your power animal. You're making your intentions clear.


4. Cross Boundaries

As you imagine going down into the earth, you will need to make sure to cross some boundaries.

Victoria revealed that these boundaries could be something like a wall of fire or a wall in a cave.

She explained, "They separate the middle world where we live from the lower world which is a paradise like place where you can connect with your power animal."

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5. Search for Your Power Animal

Once you have finally crossed your boundary and are in this lower world, it's almost time to meet your power animal. You'll find your animal by asking the first one you meet if you're a match.


6. Start a Conversation

If the animal you greeted is, in fact, your power animal, start up a conversation with them!

Victoria suggests that you talk to him or her as you would with a friend. "Ask any questions that can guide you at this moment," she said.

And if it's not your spirit animal? "Ask him or her to please take you to your power animal so that you can connect and ask your questions," she explained.

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7. Give Thanks

After your conversation, and before you leave this lower world, make sure to give thanks to your power animal. You can then navigate your way back to the middle world the exact same way you came in!


8. Take Deep Breaths

Once you're back to where you began, Victoria recommends you take a few deep, long breaths. "You must reconnect with your physical body fully," she explained.


9. Write Everything Down

Once you've met your power animal, write or draw everything that you can remember.


Our Experience

Ashley and I both tried this process, but at different times of the day. She preferred to test it out at night while relaxing  before bed, and I decided to try it in the morning, minutes after waking up—both very peaceful times.

For me, it didn't take long until I was in a full meditative state. My body was relaxed, my mind was calm and I was able to focus on the task set before me.

When I made it to the step where I crossed boundaries, I was very optimistic I was going to meet my power animal. I was first approached by a bear, but after some speculation, decided that it was not the animal for me.

Moments later, I saw a soaring eagle up above. The moment I saw the bird, I knew it was the one.

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Recently I've been struggling with trying to plan every aspect of my life. Because the eagle is a symbol of vision and strength, I knew I had chosen the right animal. It's my hope that this eagle will help me see my current challenges from a broader perspective.

Honestly, I was surprised and pleased by how I felt after I completed all nine actions—I'd say this process definitely worked for me.

For Ashley, it also didn't take much time for her to achieve a peaceful meditative state.

Her experience began on a beach and then she traveled deep down a large hole in a tree trunk, making her way through sharp thorns and unruly vines until she reached the lower world.

Once she was there, she was greeted by a large elephant who she rode to her power animal, which was a large white crane.

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She assumed her power animal would be some sort of bird, so she was quite happy when the crane revealed itself to belong to her.

During her conversation with the crane, the bird revealed it could offer her strength and guidance. Because, similarly to me, Ashley has been having a rough time seeing what the future holds for her. She was pleased to hear that the crane could give her clarity when it comes to where she should go in life.

This process of discovering her spirit animal worked just as well for Ashley as it did for me, which I was excited to hear.

If you're inspired to find your own power animal like Ashley and I have, simply follow the nine steps above. You may be amazed at what you discover!

And if you want to learn more about Victoria's practices and what she can teach you, be sure to check out her site Reiki Wellbeing.


So now you know how to find and communicate with your power animal, but do you truly know how to meditate? Head over HERE for some helpful meditation tips for beginners.