Contest Alert: Meet Greyson Chance in Person!

Greyson Chance wants you to make a video telling him what you think the key to unlocking his heart is!

Do you think it would be going to a fancy dinner with him, writing him a song telling him how awesome you think he is, or making his favorite meal for him and going out to karaoke! We want you to be creative and tell us what you think the key is to opening his heart!

One grand prize winner will win the real key to Greyson's heart, one of the piano keys from his piano! Not only that, but the winner will get tickets to Greyson's concert on August 18th where Greyson will give the key to her personally!

Click here to enter!

Make sure you check out this awesome video with Greyson and Cody Simpson backstage at their Waiting 4U Tour! Click here to watch!

Also don't forget to buy his latest album "Hold on Til The Night" from iTunes! We are obsessed with it here at Sweety High!