Contigo: Midnight Red's Spanish "Take Me Home"!

Last week, Midnight Red released a Spanish-English hybrid of their hit song "Take Me Home." This time around, they're dropping the Spanglish for a full Spanish version called "Contigo"!Contigo Midnight Red

The Spanglish release made us curious about whether they'd do more Spanish releases soon, and we are super psyched about "Contigo"! Midnight Red sounds amazing in a second language, and we love having all of these different versions of "Take Me Home" to listen to depending on our mood!

"Contigo" translates to "With you" in English! We're looking forward to seeing the full list of lyrics and a translation to see what this different version of the song is all about.

It appears the song will have something to do with Univision! The song is on now up on Soundcloud and you can listen to it below!

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