Are These 5 Contouring Hacks Supremely Weird or Are They Genius?

As far as contouring tricks go, we've seen it all by now. From clown contouring, to contouring with a spoon, there's always some new trend popping up.

We dove deep into the beauty sphere to find a few more tricks, and we've discovered some of the most interesting application hacks and DIY tutorials yet! See which ones we've deemed genius and which ones are just plain weird.

1. Slime Contour

What It Is: A DIY slime that you stick on your face, remove and then blend in for a contoured look!

Weird or Genius?: Just the idea of putting slime on your face is weird, you have to admit. But then again, how fun does it sound?! This maneuver only requires three ingredients—a fiber supplement, water and a foundation a few shades darker than your skin color—which is pretty incredible. Because of it's fun factor, we deem this contour trend GENIUS!

2. Stiletto Contour

What It Is: Use a stiletto heel as a guide when applying your contour.

Weird or Genius?: First of all, note that this beauty blogger (Sadia Slayy) uses a Louboutin heel—um, those are at least $800—to apply her makeup! If we were to use this hack, we might opt for a cheaper pair of stilletos, tbh. Although the finished look is uh-maze, we prefer not to put a shoe up to our face. We declare this hack WEIRD


3. Plunger Contour

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A video posted by Mikasa Beauty Brushes (@mikasabeauty) on

What It Is: Use household items to get this perfect contoured look.

Weird or Genius?: Okay, okay, we get that this video is a total spoof! Of course no one would ever use a plunger or tennis shoe to apply their makeup (or at least we hope not)! Just because this video is hilarious, we deem this hack GENIUS!


3. EOS Lip Balm Contour

What It Is: This YouTuber uses EOS Lip Balm, a dark eyeshadow and coconut oil to make a contour stick.

Weird or Genius?: We are obsessed with EOS Lip Balm, so we were thrilled to see it being used for a good cause. The fact that this contour stick glides on easily is a major bonus. It's cute, easy to make and most importantly, it looks great. Obvi, we deem this hack GENIUS!


4. Toothbrush Contour

What It Is: Use the bristles of a toothbrush to get the perfect curved contour line.

Weird or Genius?: Using a soft toothbrush creates a soft, pretty line, and it's way cheaper than buying a fancy makeup brush. We're all about being frugal when we can be. We say this hack is pretty GENIUS!


5. Nutella Contour

What It Is: This is a hot chocolate, coconut oil, vaseline and eyeshadow based contour packaged to look just like a mini Nutella container.

Weird or Genius?: Hot chocolate on our face? Yes, please. Anytime you can pair a beauty product with cute packaging do it. This Nutella contour sounds too good to be true in our minds. Duh, it's GENIUS!


Do you agree with our verdicts on these tips and tricks? We know you will agree with our pick of 5 DIY face masks that will totally revive your skin. Just check them out HERE!