5 Signs You Have a Controlling Friend

Some signs of control in a friendship are pretty obvious.

If a friend constantly demands to know where you are and who you're with, well, yeah, that's a crystal clear indication that they're that type of person.

But did you know that most of being controlled actually has to do with your own actions? You may not realize it, but most of the signs you have a controlling friend are actually determined by the way you react to this person.

Think you may be dealing with this type of situation? Keep scrolling for five signs you're being controlled by a friend.

1. You Feel Guilty If You Don't Tell Them Every Little Thing

There's a good chance this friend doesn't tell you everything, but for some reason, do you feel obligated to share everything with them? Do you think back to when they shared something super personal with you and find yourself unable to justify withholding information?

If a friend wasn't controlling, you wouldn't even think twice about keeping secrets because you know they wouldn't expect you to tell them everything. But to naturally feel this urgency to share is a sign of being controlled.

Blair and Serena Texting Gossip Girl

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


2. You Feel Guilty If You Hang Out With Mutual Friends Without Them 

When you hang out with other friends, do you spend the whole time playing scenarios in your mind of how your one friend will react when they find out? Do you feel obligated to include the one friend because they included you last time and you feel like you owe it to them? Or are you nervous that they won't invite you next time because they found out you hung without them? If you can't hang out with others freely without the other person around, this is another sign that you're being controlled.

Blair, Serena and friend sitting at lunch

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


3. You Feel Relieved When They're Grounded or Out of Town 

When a controlling friend is available, it can be stressful because you know they're calling the shots when it comes to plans. You also know there's a chance you could be left out, and quite frankly, you also know they monitor your every move. If you feel free when they aren't in town or can't hang out, that's a clear sign you're being temporarily released from their chains.


4. You Feel Like They Tune You Out When You Talk About Things That Don't Involve Them

Do you and this one friend always have so much to talk and laugh about… when the convo involves them? Do you find that they shut down, change the topic or casually walk away when you bring up something that matters to you but is unfamiliar or uninteresting to them? Do you find yourself helpless in those situations, just going along with whatever turn the chat takes? The fact that they can steer the conversation in the direction of their choice without you calling them out is another obvious sign of control.

Gossip Girl Blair grimacing

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


5. You Assume Fewer People Will Come to Your Social Functions If They Don't Come

A controlling friend always calls the shots. Controllers love making the rules and planning everyone's social schedule. If you feel like the place where you stand with one friend determines whether or not your birthday (for example) will be poppin', then that friend is definitely controlling. The fact that you automatically assume less people will come to something of yours just shows the power this person has on making peoples' decisions for them.


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