These Products Make It Simple and Convenient to Practice Aromatherapy Anywhere

With aromatherapy you can better the mind, body and spirit with nothing more than essential oils—but that doesn't mean it's always easy.

But there are definitely ways to breathe in the best relaxing scents without the use of complicated diffusers and other gadgets. These methods make aromatherapy simple so you don't have to stress before you destress.

Scentered : $24

Scentered balms make it super easy to practice aromatherapy on the go. Just rub your favorite scent on your wrist and inhale deeply to get the effects of awesome essential oils without any hassle.

Scentered aromatherapy balm without caps


Organic Necessity Memory Balls: $20

Organic Necessity specializes in delivering the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils through wool balls. These ones, spritzed with rosemary to help with memory, are meant to be rolled together in the palm to help you remain focuses and alert.

Organic Necessity Memory Balls


Tree of Life Aromatherapy Pendant: $24

This necklace pendant helps you bring aromatherapy with you wherever you go. It comes with colorful felt discs which you can use to color coordinate your favorite essential oils and place them inside the pendant depending on your mood.

Aromatherapy tree pendant

(via Amazon)


AromaBeads: $22

Like potpourri, these scented beads can be placed in a bowl to create long-lasting fragrances around the house. Unlike potpourri, they have the added benefits of aromatherapy (and give off their scent for three times as long).

Aromatherapy crystals

(via AromaFloria)


Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath Bomb : $4

Sure, you could use a few drops of pure essential oils to make your baths extra luxuriant, but who doesn't prefer bath bombs? This one will add all of the color and effervescence of your favorite bombs to bath time will also giving you a relaxing aromatherapeutic experience.

Aromatherapy bath bomb

(via Essential Addictions)


Zum Room and Body Mist: $9.95

Bring positive vibes to any space you inhabit with the help of this easy-to-use room mist. And if you don't feel like spraying a shared room, you can always give yourself a splash for all the same benefits.

Aromatherapy zum mist

(via Target)


Dream Essentials Solitude Sleep Mask: $14.95

The relaxing smell of lavender is known to help people clear their minds and fall asleep. This sleep mask has a compartment for storing French lavender sachets so that the scent is delivered right to your nose while you nod off. Together, they're a great combination for a perfect night's sleep.

Sleep Essentials French Lavender Sleep Mask


Que Bella Aromatherapy Mud Mask: $1.97

Give yourself a relaxing spa day in the comfort of your own home with the help of an aromatherapy mud mask. It cleanses and tones the skin while helping you feel relaxed and totally soothed.

Aromatherapy Que Bella mud mask

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Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Bubble Bath: $8.99

If bath bombs aren't your style, try a lavishly comforting aromatherapy bubble bath instead. The bubbles will help all the benefits of its flowery ingredients travel right to your nose.

Aromatherapy bubble bath

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Nanum Car Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser: $6.24

Aromatherapy definitely isn't just for the home. These essential oil diffusers plug into the 12 volt charger in your car to spread your favorite scents effortlessly.

Aromatherapy car diffuser

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