This Deliciously Gooey Treat Is Every Cookie Dough Enthusiast's Dream

Is there anything better than biting into a gooey, chocolatey chunk of cookie dough?

If the answer is no, then Edoughble, the ready-to-eat cookie dough treat, is going to be your new fave dessert.

Edible cookie dough from Edoughble

If you're a cookie dough enthusiast, you probably know by now that consuming the typical egg-filled dough is potentially dangerous. Edoughable is an eggless safe alternative that is just as tasty and—get this—comes in 13 unique flavors.

Rana and John Lustyan, co-founders of the sweet company, sent over four flavors—Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block, Birthday Bash, S'more Please and Vegan Chocolate Chip—and we took these bad boys into the kitchen to sample. 

Four Edoughable flavors

Although you can eat these the purist way, (right out of the carton with a spoon) we decided to sample our dough by adding it to a few of our other fave desserts. Take a peek at what we mixed together in the kitchen.

Chips Ahoy! and Oreo Cookie Sandwiches

We're major fans of classic Chips Ahoy! and Oreo cookies over here, so we couldn't think of two better treats to mix this dough with than these. We first piled the Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block flavor into these chocolate chip cookies.

The crunch of the cookie and gooeyness of the dough was mind blowing. We seriously recommend it.

Chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough

Then we tried to mix things up by wedging the Birthday Bash flavor in between the frosting and cookie of an Oreo. So sweet, but so delicious! We even added a few sprinkles to our cookie to add a pop of color.

We made a couple of the Oreos with the Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block vegan flavor so that our vegan co-worker Ashley could sample the dough. She was such a fan, and ended up diving right into the carton with a spoon.

Oreo Cookies with cookie dough


Ice Cream Topping

Whenever we go out for fro-yo or ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough is always our go-to topping. So, of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to try this dough with a classic bowl of vanilla bean ice cream!

The consistency of this dough is awesome and blends perfectly with the cool treat. We mixed in the S'more Please flavor (which, btw, tastes exactly like the classic campfire dessert) and the regular Chocolate Chip Off the Ol' Block flavor. Best. Combo. Ever.

Cookie dough on top of ice cream


S'more Filling

The moment we heard we were getting our hands on Edoughble's S'more Please flavor, we knew we had to mix it in with an actual s'mores. It was a no-brainer.

We spread a couple layers on a graham cracker before adding chocolate and a melted marshmallow. This was the best mix yet—a double whammy of marshmallow and chocolate madness.



Brownie Mix-In

For our final treat, we mixed the Birthday Bash flavor into Trader Joe's Brownie Truffle Baking Mix. The result? Ooey, gooey brownies with a hint of cake batter. Seriously divine.

Double chocolate chip brownies


Want to try a batch of one of these tasty doughs yourself? Head on over HERE and grab a carton or two for yourself. What wild combinations will liven up your tastebuds?


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