This Edible Brownie Batter Bowl Is a Chocolate-Lover's Dream Come True

I've never been much of a rule-breaker, except when it comes to eating raw doughs and batters whenever my family bakes something.

Despite the danger, no one at home ever did anything but encourage me to lick the mixing spoons clean. Now, thanks to the spread of edible cookie doughs, I no longer have to risk salmonella poisoning whenever I indulge in one of my favorite treats. However, I didn't have the same luxury with brownie batter—until now.

Santa Monica cookie shop Cookie Good recently added brownie batter bowls to their vast menu of cookies, cookie corns and cookie milks, and they invited me back into their store to give it a taste. Of course, I couldn't resist the offer.

The Product

While I probably would have been happy to eat a scoop of plain brownie batter with a spoon, Cookie Good's brownie batter bowl is so much more than that. It consists of one big scoop of edible brownie batter in a cookie-waffle hybrid bowl called a Cookie Cone, and coated with sweet toppings of your choice.


Topping choices include Heath Bar bits, crushed Nutter Butter or Oreo pieces, rainbow sprinkles, M&Ms, marshmallows and more, and no matter how many you get, the treat costs $6 flat. Cookie Cones also come in two flavors, with the cookies & cream flavor incorporating Oreo chunks, as well as dark and white chocolate bits, and the birthday cake Cookie Cone including rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate.

Best of all, the brownie batter is egg-free, and the flour also undergoes a process to ensure that it's totally safe to eat raw. Together, they make up an ultra-Instragrammable treat. But how does it actually taste?



The Experience

I got my personal brownie batter bowl in a birthday cake Cookie Cone and topped with Heath Bar bits, crushed Oreo and colorful rainbow sprinkles, and was super excited to dig in. First, I scooped a spoonful focusing primarily on the brownie batter itself. It had exactly the same gooey consistency as bakeable brownie batter, and the rich and chocolately—and slightly salty flavor— was just like the real thing. Still, I could tell immediately that it was lighter than actual brownie batter, and felt that I'd be able to eat a lot more of it.


The toppings were also exactly to my liking, complementing the salty chocolate flavor well, but I enjoyed the edible brownie batter most of all with the Cookie Cone. Rather than being super rigid, it was a little soft and flexible, but with just the right amount of snap. I enjoyed breaking off little pieces and scooping them up with the spoon as I ate the brownie batter. Perhaps my favorite bit was when the dessert was almost finished and I got to eat the batter-lined bottom of the cone. It was very tasty, and I didn't even feel like lying down and taking a nap after I finished it (like I sometimes do after just a few licks of real brownie batter).



Bottom Line

If you love raw brownie batter, there's nothing to dislike about Cookie Good's take on the previously forbidden treat. It has the same taste, texture and consistency of the real thing, but without the danger attached. $6 may seem a little pricey for one cup, but it's a specialty treat you can't get anywhere else, and it's super customizable to your own tastes, so I personally think it's completely worth it. The next time I'm tempted to eat raw batter, I know there's a place I can go to get my fix the right way.

And while the brownie batter bowl can certainly be finished by one person if they're feeling determined, I do recommend splitting it with someone. After all, it's a special dessert that you shouldn't keep all to yourself.


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