We Taste Tested Cheetos, Maple & Bacon and Potato Chip Cookies—Here's What We Thought

We recently visited L.A.'s Cookie Good bakery, home of the famous Cheetos cookie.

While we were there, we also had the chance to taste test all 14 delicious cookies on the day's menu, from the classic chocolate chip cookie to innovative flavors like potato chip and pancakes and bacon.

Spoiler alert: We loved them all. After all, they're cookies!

Cookie Good cookies display

Birthday Cake

Cookie Good's birthday cake cookie is far from a simple sugar cookie with sprinkles. The dough is actually birthday cake batter-flavored, full of white chocolate chips "frosting"—and of course the obligatory sprinkles. Every bite tastes like a party.

Birthday cake cookie from Cookie Good


Caramel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk

We love the combination of salty and sweet, and this cookie does it just right. The pretzels add a unique crunch to the cookie, while the chocolate and gooey caramel make the inside chewy and delicious.  Apparently, this is Cookie Good's best seller. One bite and you'll know why.

Caramel-Pretzel-Chocolate Chunk cookie from Cookie Good



We've never tasted anything quite like this Cheetos cookie. While it looks like one big Cheeto, it's a chewy sugar cookie at its core. The salty, cheesy goodness is subtle but comes through in every bite. It may look scary, but you shouldn't be afraid to try a piece!

Cheetos Cookie from Cookie Good


The Chips

Here's another Cookie Good favorite that combines a salty crunch with sweet cookie goodness. The crispy chip perfectly complements the taste of peanut butter, chocolate and toffee chips in the dough. It's the perfect midnight snack.

The Chips cookie from Cookie Good


Chocolate Chip

Every bakery has their own take on the chocolate chip cookie, but we particularly love Cookie Good's. They add caramel to the dough, making an always-tasty baking staple even better.

Cookie Good chocolate chip


Chocolate Chip Brownie Chunk

Think regular chocolate chip cookies are good? They get even better when you add gooey, rich bits of chocolate brownies into the mix.

Cookie Good Chocolate Chip Brownie Chunk


Cocoa Krispies

If you love crispy chocolate cereal, you'll fall head over heels for this cookie. They're super crispy on the outside, super chewy and soft on the inside and fully chocolatey throughout.

Cocoa Krispies cookie from Cookie Good


Ice Cream Sundae

We scream for this cookie. With dark and white chocolate, strawberries, sprinkles and waffle cone bits baked right into the dough, it tastes like you're eating an ice cream. We particularly love the big chunk of cone on top of the cookie.

Ice Cream Sundae cookie from Cookie Good


Just Plain Sugar

Grocery store sugar cookies are as plain as they come, but this one is special. It's got a gooey, chewy inside and a crackly sugar shell on the top. Once you have one, you won't be able to stop.

Just Plain Sugar cookie from Cookie Good



Oatmeal-raisin cookies get a bad rap. This one keeps things simple with oats, raisins and a hint of cinnamon. If you think this cookie will be gross, we dare you to try it. It might just change your mind about raisins.

Cookie Good oatmeal raisin


Oreo-Mint-Chocolate Chip

If you love mint and chocolate, this cookie is a dream come true. Oreos and Andes mints are baked into the dough, giving the cookie just the right balance of sweet chocolate and bright mint to elevate this cookie to greatness.

Oreo-Mint-Chocolate Chip cookie from Cookie Good


Pancakes & Bacon

This was the only glazed cookie we saw during our visit, and it's special. The cookie itself is flavored like pancake batter, and it's full of bits of candied bacon, giving every bite a savory, salty finish. Best of all, it's topped with a maple glaze. It's like your entire breakfast in one sweet cookie.

Pancakes & Bacon with maple syrup glaze cookies from Cookie Good


Red Velvet

This red velvet cookie has lightly chocolatey dough and is packed with big chunks of white chocolate. If you love white chocolate, don't miss this one.

Red velvet cookies from Cookie Good



The s'mores cookie packs everything that's great about a s'more into every bite. The dough is full of crushed graham crackers and chocolate, and it's topped with a piece of a Hershey's chocolate bar and bits of toasted marshmallow. From now on, s'mores treats just won't seem authentic unless they're nice and toasty.

S'mores cookie from Cookie Good


Want to find out how these yummy treats were made? Click HERE for our interview with the founder of Cookie Good.