You Won't Find Anything Sweeter Than These Cookie Monster-Inspired Treats

Cookie Monster is one of the cutest characters out there. Plus, he understands our obsession with cookies like no one else.

You know what's even sweeter than this adorable blue monster? Desserts inspired by him, of course.

From brownies and cupcakes to popcorn and monster shakes, the nine Cookie Monster-themed treats below are the greatest things you'll ever make.

Ready, set, bake!

No-Churn Cookie Monster Ice Cream

We've never seen such vibrant blue ice cream before, but we're definitely about it. Find out how to make this creamy treat HERE.

No-churn Cookie Monster ice cream

(via Our Family of Seven)


Cookie Monster Brownies

Have you ever seen such a beautiful brownie? Cookie Monster himself would be so impressed by this decadent treat. Find the recipe HERE.

Cookie Monster brownies

(via Notey)


Cookie Monster Popcorn

This treat of popcorn mixed with cookies, marshmallows and candy eyes is a force to be reckoned with. It's also just too cute not to make. HERE's the full recipe.

Cookie Monster popcorn recipe

(via Two Sisters Crafting)


Cookie Monster Bark

Bark may look like it takes a lot of work, but it's actually one of the easiest desserts to make. See what you need to make this recipe HERE.

Cookie Monster bark recipe

(via House of Yumm)


Cookie Monster Freak Shakes

A lot goes into making these shakes look this amazing, but the payoff is more than worth it. If only we could share one of these shakes with Cookie Monster himself. Find the recipe HERE.

Cookie Monster freak shakes recipe

(via Amanda's Cookin')


Cookie Monster Oreos

Not too much goes into making this blue chocolate-covered Oreos, so have at it. Just be sure you have a glass of milk nearby while eating them. You can find the tutorial HERE.

Cookie Monster Oreos recipe

(via Shared)


Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Everyone deserves a Cookie Monster cupcake everyone! HERE's the full tutorial for how to make these delicious bites.

Cookie Monster cupcakes recipe

(via Cupcake Diaries)


Cookie Monster Fudge

Some may say it's impossible to eat an entire batch of fudge in one sitting, but clearly they've never seen this Cookie Monster fudge. It'll be gone moments after we finish making it. Find the recipe HERE.

Cookie Monster fudge recipe

(via Something Swanky)


Cookie Monster Donuts

Donuts make us go nuts, especially these Cookie Monster-inspired ones. Who could resist gobbling these down? Follow the tutorial HERE to make them yourself.

Cookie Monster donuts recipe

(via The Decorated Cookie)


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