10 Cool-Girl Car Accessories From Etsy We Want and You Need

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with your car.

Whether you keep it immaculate 24/7, beg your mom to let you do all the errands or offer to pick up anyone and everyone, having access to a car certainly has its perks. Instead of driving a boring car with no personality, why not make it more you? We love the idea of adding some fun accessories, and below, you'll find our top 10 cool-girl picks from Etsy we want and you need.

Oversized Pink Fuzzy Dice: $30

If we had to choose one item from this list to put in our cars, it would undoubtedly be these adorable dice! These pink fuzzy dice feature red hearts, are super plush and are hand-sewn.


(via Etsy)


Car Mirror Decal 'Hello Gorgeous': $2.49+

We all need a reminder that we're beautiful, don't you think? This decal that says "Hello Gorgeous" is perfect for placing on your mirror—not to mention it's so cute.


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Custom Vehicle Coasters: $0.20+

Coasters are definitely not a necessity when it comes to a car, but when they're as cute as these ones, it's hard to resist. We're fans of the cowhide—we love a cowgirl moment.


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Hanging Car Diffuser: $8

Don't you just love it when someone notices how great your car smells? There are tons of scents available with this diffuser, with our personal fave being Cozy Cabin.


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Car Scene Warning Label: $12

If you're not known to be the best driver around, you absolutely need to get your hands on this hilarious warning label! It would also make a fantastic gift for that friend who is crazy behind the wheel.


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Fairy Parking Permit: $12.99

Whether you're a princess, angel or fairy, this Etsy shop has you covered! We're loving the Fairy Parking Permit and think it would look absolutely adorable in your car.


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Dip Clip Sauce Holder: $5.20+

The amount of times we've spilled ketchup on our laps while driving is just too much. So if you're a chicken nuggie fan like us, we think this sauce holder is calling your name.


(via Etsy)


Rainbow Reusable Trash Bag: $18.99

Instead of filling up your car door with trash that you'll definitely forget about, get a cute, reusable trash bag. We're loving this one not only because of the rainbows, but also because it's waterproof.


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Hot Cheetos Keychain: $10

We'd like to speak to the manager of Hot Cheetos—why are they so good? Show off your love for the cheesy chip with this super cute keychain.


(via Etsy)


Friends 'Can You Be Any Closer?' License Plate: $24.95

If you're a diehard Friends fan, we're willing to bet you love Chandler Bing. This license plate is something he would definitely say—can you be any closer? Plus, it will remind fellow drivers to give you space!


(via Etsy)


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