13 Items That Will Totally Bring Out Your Inner Mermaid

If we could make a life out of gracefully splashing around in the ocean 24/7, trust us, we would!

Mermaids have pretty much the raddest existence, but because it's not exactly possible to be the whimsical creature of our dreams, we'll just have to settle for decking ourselves out with these 13 mermaid-approved items ?. We're obsessed!


1. Wildly colorful studs: $9.50

Pink mermaid earrings from etsy

(via Etsy)


2. This shell plushie sticker for your laptop or cell: $7.00


3. This uh-mazing mermaid blanket: $44.74

Mermaid Tail Blanket

(via Sammy Dress)


4. This honest tank: $18.00

Mermad at heart tank from etsy

(via Etsy)


5. This too-cute-for-words lilac shell pouch: $40.00Lilac Shell Pouch

(via Skinny Dip)


6. These Little Mermaid-inspired Mickey ears: $27.00

Disney Mickey Mouse Ears that are Little Mermaid themed

(via Etsy)


7. This mermaid art that will hang perfectly in your bedroom: $46.00

Mermaid artwork

(via Etsy)


8. These shell phone cases ?: $38.00

Cell phone case that looks like a shell

(via Ali Express)


9. This ~magical~ sequins pillow: $26.90

Mermaid Sequins Pillow

(via Etsy)


10. These matching hot cocoa mugs: $7.96

Star Fish Mugs from World Market

(via World Market)


11. This rad mermaid bomber jacket: $98.00

Pink mermaid bomber jacket

(via Valfre)


12. This cross body bag that spills the truth: $40.00

Mermaid Cross Body Bag

(via Skinny Dip)


13. And this journal that offers some pretty solid advice: $6.00


Let's just all grow some fins and be mermaids, okay?! I mean, our fave celebs are already doing it! See what we mean HERE.