Here's How You Can Use a Cootie Catcher as a Future-Predicting Guidance Tool

Cootie catchers are a staple of elementary school playgrounds, and for good reason—everyone is curious about their own destiny.

While the last cootie catcher you played with probably told you that you'd someday be president or that you'd marry Justin Bieber, we've come up with a method to put these fortune-telling devices to more practical use. Follow our instructions below and use your cootie catcher daily to learn about your day and the actions you can take to make the most of it!

If you've forgotten how to make or use a cootie catcher, we've got you covered.


Start by taking a standard sheet of paper, folding at the top left corner to touch the top of the paper to the right side. Crease firmly, then use a pair of scissors to cut off the section below the fold indicated below by the dotted line.


Cootie Catcher instructions: step 1

Once cut, unfold your paper to reveal a square.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 2

Now, take the top right corner and fold it to touch the bottom left corner.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 3

Unfold again to reveal your square, which now has an X folded through the center.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 4

Rotate the paper 45° and take one of the corners, folding it toward the center of the paper so the tip touches the very middle where the folds meet.


Cootie Catcher instructions: step 5

Repeat this process three more times with the other corners to form a smaller square.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 6

Flip your square over to reveal the other side.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 7

Select one of this square's corners and fold it toward the center so the tip touches the center, where the folds meet.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 8

Repeat this process with the other three corners and number each of the eight folds, one through eight.


Cootie Catcher instructions: step 9

Flip up one of the four corners you just folded down and write a fortune below each number. Select from the recommended fortunes below or come up with your own:

  • Go with your gut
  • Push yourself a little harder today!
  • Spend the day with friends
  • Change will be a good thing
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Take it easy today
  • It's time to make your move
  • Cut out negative people
  • Make your own destiny
  • Remain patient today
  • Start a new project
  • Prepare for a new beginning

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 10

Repeat this process beneath all eight of the numbers.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 11

Close the cootie catcher back up so the numbered side is on the top, then flip it over. Mark each of these four squares with their own unique color.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 12

Once you've done this step, your cootie catcher is complete and you'll be ready to read your fortune. Pinch the folds between the color squares to bring the cootie catcher to life.

Cootie Catcher instructions: step 13

To play, first pick one of the colored squares. Spell out the color you selected, opening and closing the cootie catcher on each alternating letter.

This will reveal four of the numbers written inside. Pick one of these numbers and count to it, opening and closing the cootie catcher on every number. Now, pick a final number, lift the flap and read the fortune written underneath.

Who needs to visit a fortune teller when you can create your own destiny at home every morning?


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