Easy Yet Meaningful Birthday Gifts That'll Arrive Quickly Amid Coronavirus

Along with Coachella, prom, graduation and everything else under the sun, a friend or loved one's birthday may not get a traditional celebration, thanks to coronavirus-induced social distancing.

With just about everything being closed or canceled for the foreseeable future, we're having to get incredibly resourceful with how we do pretty much everything. Additionally, mail is especially slow at a time like this.

While there are many limitations, all hope isn'entirely lost. If a friend or loved one has a birthday coming up, here are five easy yet meaningful gift ideas that'll arrive quickly amid coronavirus.

1. A Grubhub or Postmates Delivery Order

If you're looking for a foolproof way to one's heart, well, it's through food, of course! Leave the cooking and delivery to someone else, but the surprise to you, by ordering someone their favorite dish on their birthday. If you're unsure, you can always reach out to their parents, siblings or significant other for guidance. Heck, it doesn't even have to be fancy. Who's going to look down upon a huge pizza sitting in front of their doorstep? As an added bonus, you can order the same dish and eat your meals together via video chat.

To be on the safe side, make sure someone else in the recipient's household is aware of this order. That way they can keep a lookout and make sure the item isn't overlooked. It will also prevent anyone from getting creeped out when a mystery meal appears on their doorstep!

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2. A Flower Delivery Order

Flowers are a perfect way to raise spirits—especially at a moment like this. And, given the amount of time the recipient will spend looking at them while stuck at home indefinitely, you'll certainly get the bang for your buck. If you opt for the least expensive selection (which includes bouquet, vase, delivery and mini note), the total usually averages from $50 to $60. When you place your order, you specify who it came from, so no need to alert anyone else. You can make it the ultimate surprise.


3. A Cameo Purchase

Cameo is classic. A personalized greeting from someone's favorite YouTuber, TikToker or reality star? How can they not love it? Provided you place an order three to five days in advance, you can have a well-known personality shout out the birthday boy or girl, throw in some inside jokes or include some of their signature phrases or mannerisms. And some of these start at just $25! Not only will your special someone love it, but they'll have it forever so they can play it on repeat whenever they need a good chuckle.

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4. A Donation to the COVID-19 Relief Fund of Their Choice

If there's a time to be selfless, now is it. Plenty of people who've put their lives on the line for strangers amid this pandemic have been stricken with the virus, and need your help more than ever. If the person celebrating their birthday is the charitable type, either donate to what you know is their most favored organization or ask them beforehand and shell out as little as $10 in their name. Every dollar makes a difference!


5. Purchase a Digital Fitness Class or Wellness Session

While we can't speak for the country, we know that most of the major fitness and wellness studios in Los Angeles are doing their best to keep things business as usual via Zoom and other such digital platforms. If you know your pal has been itching to take advantage of one of these studios' offerings (or that they would benefit from it), send a DM or shoot an email to the informational address on a studio's website to figure out the best way to purchase a one-time gift that they can use from anywhere.

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