5 Reassuring Ways to Look on the Bright Side Amid Coronavirus Chaos

There's no question that COVID-19 has had a greater effect collectively on the world than pretty much any other event or occurrence (at least since I've been alive).

People are losing their jobs left and right, businesses have been crumbling, many have died or gotten sick with the virus and all of us are stuck at home with no direct access to friends, mentors or traditional social lives.

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Whether you've experienced the effects of coronavirus on a large scale or small, you and everyone you know has been afflicted by it at some capacity.

Keep reading for five reassuring ways to stay positive amid coronavirus chaos.

1. It's an Opportunity to Recharge

Ah, a sigh of relief. While yes, everything around us is changing and we're living in a complicated environment, the fact that literally everything has slowed down means we, too, are obligated to take a breather. Whether we're crazed over school or work, obsessed with social media, or just feel like we're in over our heads in some part of our life, now we have a forced break from it all.

While some people are yanking their hair out from boredom amid social distancing, I see the quarantine aspect (obviously not all the other aspects) of this surreal pandemic to be of great value. I have more than enough time to organize the tangible chaos in my life; I can spend my lunches looking out at my kitchen window; I can kiss hours of daily traffic goodbye; I can refill my coffee mug endlessly in seconds; I can dress cozily each day without the pressures of seeing anyone; I can do everything in peace and take a step back from everyone else's energy. I still wake up just as early as before, but with a fresh routine I've come to adapt to as the new normal.

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2. It Teaches Us to Be More Independent and Resourceful

Many of us are used to being waited on and having things our way at the drop of a dime. Our current climate forces us to realize we can do without excess and we can make use of pretty much anything lying around our space. With limited access to once-normal household items and groceries, complete lack of traditional gyms and fitness studios, no direct access to most friends and loved ones and no access to traditional social spaces and activities, we're creating our own makeshift everything.

Celebrations and get-togethers are now limited to Zoom, Houseparty and Google Hangouts; workouts are limited to Instagram Live and YouTube, using household items as weights and other fitness tools; we're forced to cook our own meals; we're testing our creativity on social media, posting unique, entertaining content, while also maintaining a socially conscious stance; we're learning how not to rely on anyone except family.

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3. It's Unifying the World Unlike Ever Before

For the first time ever, we're all in this together. Unlike with political outcomes or natural disasters, this pandemic affects everyone. Absolutely no one is traveling, no one's shopping, no one's eating Michelin-starred meals, no one's on fancy date night, no one's at the movies. We're all doing the same thing.

Because we're all in the same boat here, people are coming out of the woodwork to do their part. Media outlets (like Sweety High, for example) have been publishing lists of ways to give back and how to keep your mental health in check. Big brands are waiving online shipping fees and offering discounts since everyone's in a financial pinch. People have been donating spare N95 surgical masks to hospitals, or donating clothes and other general items to places in need. Friends have been offering to share their spare groceries and bathroom necessities with one another. It's a beautiful time amid the craziest.


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4. It's Actually Bringing Friends Closer, Even Though They're Technically Far Apart

Going off of No. 3, everyone's stationary. Everyone's sitting at home right now either looking at a computer like me, or glancing endlessly at their phone. Because of this, there's been a nonstop flow of checking-in messages, a resurgence of forgotten inside jokes to help crack a smile, quarantine selfies—you name it. While I'm not personally big on video chats and virtual hangouts, it's an incredibly comforting feeling to have them at my fingertips (and people sending invites my way). It's crazy how in-person you can feel with someone simply by communicating over FaceTime, for example. I actually feel closer to my friends currently than I did before, and since everyone's plugged into social media now more than ever, I know what everyone's doing at all times.

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5. There's No FOMO to Be Had By Anyone

Hallelujah! FOMO affects so many of us on a daily basis, and for once, there's absolutely none of that to be had. No fancy vacations thrown in your face, no crazy style hauls, no BFF days where your invite got lost in the mail. If there's any time to focus on you, girl, it's now. Even the girls you envy most are slummin' it just like you are. Maybe this will cause everyone to adjust their mindset and reprioritize. So much of the stuff we valued before doesn't even matter, does it?

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