A Fashion Blogger Created Face Mask Necklaces That Are Every Bit Stylish and Savvy

While we absolutely refuse to leave home without a social distancing mask covering our face, there's no denying that these aren't exactly the most convenient or wishful accessories. Thanks to the rapidly spreading coronavirus, it's imperative we wear these protective coverings for our health and the health of others.

That said, there's no rule demanding that we can't wear our masks stylishly—something that longtime fashion blogger Sydne Summer realized all too well. The Los Angeles native just launched her own line of decorative face masks (including a large batch of hand-tie-dyed materials), along with customizable neck jewelry to not only add some fabulous flair to these otherwise mundane pieces, but to make them extremely easy to wear. To top it off, she's donating 10% of all proceeds to Feeding America.


(Photo courtesy of Sydne Summer)

We were so taken by this innovative concept that we just had to get the lowdown straight from the source, while also learning how she stays sane (and stylish) amid social distancing! Keep reading for our interview with the blogger.

Sweety High: How did your idea of creating mask jewelry come to be?

Sydne Summer: I hate wearing my face mask under my chin when I don't have to have it on, so I was constantly taking my face mask on and off. I kept thinking, wouldn't it just be easier if I could wear my face mask around my neck like a necklace? I played around with different necklaces in my closet. After lots of trial and error, I finally designed a lightweight necklace that hooks directly onto Sydne Summer face masks. They're so light that you don't feel like they're there. And they don't move around your mask when you're wearing it. Plus, they double as sunglass chains!

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SH: What inspired the specific jewelry looks you chose?

SS: I wanted timeless necklaces that look chic even when your mask is behind your neck or you're wearing it as a sunglass chain, so I went with a lightweight gold chain, timeless pearls and a pink charm that's the symbol of love—something we could all use more of these days. I also wanted a few fun necklaces, so I added colorful crystals and evil eyes to the mix.


SH: How long did it take to tie-dye all your masks?

SS: A long time! The process is very time-consuming since I hand-dye each face mask myself. Creating the perfect formula for each print took a full day. Then it took a full week to dye all the masks in my Tie Dye collection. There are four prints in the collection: Ocean, Sand, Sunset and Rainbow. Each print was inspired by my happy place, the beach.

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SH: How do the Sydne Style face masks and jewelry reflect the Sydne Style brand as a whole?

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SH: What made you decide to give 10% of the proceeds to Feeding America, in particular?

SS: It broke my heart seeing people in America struggling to get food and water during coronavirus. My hope with my Sydne Summer face masks and mask necklaces is that we can get excited about wearing the new necessary face mask and help keep everyone safe while raising money for the less fortunate at the same time.


SH: What else have you been doing to ensure safety amid the pandemic, and to relieve stress?

SS: Walking my dog has majorly helped me relieve stress during this pandemic. I always wear a Sydne Summer face mask when I walk him. We have a morning routine where we explore new areas in the neighborhood, trying to find places that are less populated. I've also been reading a ton! It's nice to take a break from everything and just sit with a good book.

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SH: Is there anything else you want readers to know about the blog, the masks, the jewelry, or staying safe during this time?

SS: If you need some outfit inspiration on what to wear with face masks, I include face masks in my outfit posts on my blog. I also have tons of fun ideas on how to keep entertained while staying at home, from nail art to colorful makeup to book reviews. I know wearing a face mask isn't ideal but I hope wearing one of the face masks I've created at least makes our new normal a little more fun. Wear a mask. Stay safe. Spread love.


Once you grab one of Sydne's decorative masks, use one of THESE captions to accompany all your Instagram shots posing with your new accessory.