The 5 Best Activities for Your Social Distancing Summer

Summer camp, air travel and pool parties have seemingly been replaced with chilling in front of our air conditioner and watching Netflix, thanks to coronavirus-related restrictions.

But we're here to tell you summer 2020 doesn't have to be as uneventful as it seems. While things are most definitely different, we're still finding ways to make the most of the sunniest season.

Keep reading for the five best activities for your social distancing summer.

1. Pitch a Tent and Go 'Camping' in Your Backyard

Not only does it make for a fun photo opp, but pitching a tent or DIY-ing one gives you a much-needed reprieve from the fam. Find a little nook of your backyard and stake your claim. Decorate your tent with lights, succulents, and of course, as the photo below suggests, your favorite furry friend.


2. Find a Nearby Hill to 'Hike' Upon

Hands down one of our favorite quarantine activities has been walking. Whether it's to the grocery store or to get coffee, our feet are always moving. But more than running errands, we've also sought out some steep hills to get our heart rates up. Explore your local surroundings and stake out a challenging path. If you're in an area with no hills, commit to a 40-minute walk five times a week. With gyms shut down, it's understandable that you've lost motivation to work out. Avoid staying sedentary by finding a walk that works for you. Regardless of where you go, the fresh air does wonders for the mind.

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3. Research Local Nature Destinations and Plan a Photoshoot

As we recently pointed out, there's a picturesque nature spot in every single state—so even if you have to take a mini road trip, you're never too far from a photo opp. Being in nature is so good for the mind, especially during these complicated times. Grab a family member who can be your designated photog, and hit the road!

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4. Get Wet 'N' Wild

We recently shared how to beat the heat amid quarantine, and most of our tips involve water. Depending on the size of your backyard or driveway, we're big proponents of the classic Slip 'N Slide or inflatable pool. Or, if all else fails, bust out the trusty hose for an intentional water fight or a car wash.

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5. Take Up Gardening

As we've learned via IG, anyone can take up gardening—it's not just for grandmas. How fulfilling will it feel to watch your own plants and veggies come to fruition? Not only will you save money, but you're taking the much healthier approach, and your parents will probably be stoked about your new hobby.

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Now that you've got your activities squared away, use one of THESE Instagram captions to accompany all your summer in quarantine pics.