Cotton Candy Burritos Are the Latest Magical Food Trend

If dessert is your weakness, then the latest wacky food trend brought to light by Food Beast is right up your alley.

Behold this magical, colorful creation—the Cotton Candy Burrito.

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What you see here is ice cream wrapped in cotton candy fluff made by a shop in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada called Sugar Sugar (hold the tears, we wish it was in the U.S., too!).

So how is this truly innovative version of the classic burrito created? It's actually quite simple. A slab of cotton candy is flattened to take the place of a tortilla, and the filling is bubble gum, birthday cake and cotton candy ice cream. They top the ice cream with some magical unicorn dust (aka, sprinkles), and then roll that baby up to make dreams come true.

It's not the typical burrito, but boy do we want to sink our teeth into this colorful dessert.


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