All you sweet treat-loving girls, get ready to celebrate.

It’s National Cotton Candy Day and we’re honoring the occasion by highlighting Pouf Cotton Candy, the company that put a delightful twist on the classic sweet.

Pouf took the fluffy treat and made it into creative and carefully spun character art. They make everything from unicorns, elephants and Pokémon characters, to dinosaurs, butterflies and pineapples.

Scroll below to feast your eyes on some of these beauties!

Dinosaur Cotton Candy

This giant monster of fluff is everything and more we could ask for in a cotton candy creation. Pure genius.


Pineapple Cotton Candy

How cute is this fruit piece? Almost looks like the real thing.


Squirtle Cotton Candy

All you Pokémon fans out there are sure to appreciate this lovely Squirtle creation. Adorable!


Unicorn Cotton Candy

Our fave mythical creature has come to life and we couldn’t be happier. We don’t know if we could eat this thing, it’s too dang cute.


Butterfly Cotton Candy

This creation looks so real, you’d think it could fly away at any moment.


Cupcake Cotton Candy

Two of our fave foods have become one with this piece of art! We’d gladly chow down on this any day.


Little Mermaid-Inspired Cotton Candy

Calling all Disney fans, this one is made for you. Doesn’t this look just like Ariel?


Baby Elephant Cotton Candy

Okay. Things can’t get much cuter than this guy. Don’t make us eat it.


Seal Cotton Candy

And then things just got cuter. This seal/donut combo is what dreams are made of.


Flower Cotton Candy

And finally we have this ultra Insta-worthy flower creation. All we have to say is one word: beautiful.


We enjoy all things sweet over here at Sweety High, in case you haven’t noticed. Lately we are obsessed with THESE innovative and mouthwatering hot chocolates.