Counting Stars Cover By Lauren and Austin North!

Austin North of the Disney Channel's I Didn't Do It and his incredibly talented sister Lauren recently recorded and shared a brilliant cover of Counting Stars by OneRepublic!Counting Stars

The cover was shot all in black and white, with Lauren on vocals and the piano and Austin on the drums.

In the past, both siblings have showcased their musical skills on YouTube, so it's so great to finally see their skills come together. Austin also produced the track!

"#NorthStars have u checked out our #CountingStars cover?" Austin tweeted earlier this week. "My sis @laurennorth3 is pretty amazing go show her some love."

Austin North will also appear opposite Olivia Holt on I Didn't Do It starting January 17th! The show will star the two as twins Lindy and Logan Watson. We can't wait!

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