16 Country Songs That Make the Ultimate Summer Playlist

Whether you like it or not, country music is the genre of the summer.


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It's all about sunshine, good times and enjoying the outdoors. That's why we made the ultimate summer playlist exclusively with country songs. Keep scrolling to see which tunes made the list.

1. '19 You + Me' by Dan + Shay

If you're hoping for a fun summer fling, this is definitely the tune for you. It's about a summer romance that had to come to an end, but one that left quite the lasting impression. Summer love might not last forever, but it can still be a fun ride.


2. 'Cruise' by Florida Georgia Line

There's truly no better song to put on full-blast during a windows-down type of summer day. In fact, that's quite literally what the song is about. It's fun enough to scream in the car, and it completely captures the essence of summer—what more could you want?


3. 'Roller Coaster' by Luke Bryan

Summer romances must be all the rage in the country world. This fun song by Luke Bryan outlines a weeklong summer love that totally captured his heart. If you're heading out on a vacation any time soon, this song is just the encouragement you need to find your one true love… even if it only lasts a week.


4. 'Anything Goes' by Florida Georgia Line

Honestly, Florida Georgia Line is probably one of the best bands out there for some laid-back, party-ready country tunes. "Anything Goes" is no different. It's all about embracing the ability to do anything you want. With no responsibilities on your plate and long days ahead of you, summer is obviously the best time to embody that mentality.


5. 'Kick the Dust Up' by Luke Bryan

As Luke Bryan says in this tune, "Better have your boots on." As in, you better invest in some line dancing shoes if you're going to listen to this song. It's way too catchy to stay seated, making it the perfect pump-up tune for a summer night with your pals.


6. 'Knee Deep' by Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett

"Knee Deep" is pretty much the ultimate beachy tune. It's catchy and mellow, but it's all about relaxing on the sand without a care in the world. If that's exactly what you want out of your summer, you need to add this tune to your playlist.


7. 'How Country Feels' by Randy Houser

If you're ready to escape the stress of the city for the summer, or if you're just craving a small town vacay, Randy Houser definitely gets it. "How Country Feels" basically outlines all the amazing things about the country, including the fact that it's not the city. It's the perfect tune to play for a long distance drive when you just want to enjoy the scenery around you. Summer road trip, anyone?


8. 'I Hold On' by Dierks Bentley

"I Hold On" isn't a summer-specific song, but it's an incredible country tune for any season. It's all about embracing your roots and refusing to lose sight of where you came from, no matter what may change along the way. If you're feeling a little lost this summer, blast this song to remind yourself exactly who you are.


9. 'Sunny and 75' by Joe Nichols

At its core, this song is all about being in love. However, we love all the references to a perfect summer day, including the temperature. Let's hope for more "sunny and 75" days this year and less "sweltering and 110" nightmares.


10. 'I Don't Want This Night to End' by Luke Bryan

Have you ever had the perfect summer night that you just didn't want to end? How convenient—we have a song for this. This fun tune by Luke Bryan will have you dancing in the car and simultaneously wishing you owned your own pickup truck. It's just plain fun, which is what summer's all about.


11. 'Angel Eyes' by Love and Theft

"Angel Eyes" is simply a classic tune that belongs on every country playlist. If you're feeling just a little bit devilish this summer, you can definitely relate to this tune. And even if you're not, you can still blast it in the car and pretend you have your own wild side to sing about.


12. '21 Summer' by Brothers Osborne

Yes, yes—another song about summer love. Much like others, this tune celebrates a love that didn't work out but still had an impact. Are you starting to get the picture yet? Don't get too attached to your summer crush. But if you do, you might be able to write a song about it.


13. 'You Broke Up With Me' by Walker Hayes

Working on getting over an ex this summer? Or are you just totally embracing the single life? Either way, "You Broke Up With Me" is a fun tune for a summer of freedom. Hey, you can't help it if you're ready to move on. And this song might be just the motivation you need.


14. '20 in a Chevy' by Cole Swindell

Ready for a long day of summer cruising? "20 in a Chevy" is the perfect song for you. The beat makes you want to dance, while the actual words will have you all excited for a day of just driving around. If there isn't enough to fill up your summer days, let "20 in a Chevy" inspire you to get in your car and just drive.


15. 'Old Town Road' by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Honestly, we started to listen to this song ironically, and now we can't stop. It's just plain catchy, okay? It deserves a spot on your summer playlist, and that's all there is to say about it.


16. "I Don't Know What Is" by Tegan Marie

This new tune by Tegan Marie came out just in time to cement itself as a summer fave. It's all about growing up in the true country and embracing those small town roots. And even if you can't relate to small town, you can still embrace the catchy beat and fun vibe of this track.


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