6 Things Couples Only Do On Instagram

How do couples always manage to look so perfect on Instagram?

This shouldn't shock you, but Instagram isn't reality, not even for the most seemingly perfect relationshipsgasp! 

People love to show off their partners on Instagram, often alongside captions that suggest their relationship is absolutely flawless. But that's never the full truth. No matter how good a couple looks on Instagram, every partnership has its highs and lows in real life.

In fact, couples often act one way on Instagram, only to behave entirely differently in real life. Keep scrolling for six things couples only do on Instagram.

Travel All the Time

Have you ever noticed that your fave Instagram couples always seem to be jet-setting to a new destination? In fact, it looks like they're never home. Apparently, they have no responsibilities and an endless supply of income that allows them to travel 365 days a year.

In reality, no couple can always be away from home. Instagram couples certainly have more opportunities to travel, but they don't live their entire lives on the road. Instead, they choose to exclusively post their travel content, tricking everyone into thinking their vacation never ends.

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Take Perfect Candids

Every couple eventually posts a candid picture on Instagram. The photo is meant to look like it was just snapped out of the blue. Even though the couple was entirely unprepared for the picture, it ended up looking absolutely perfect—or so they want you to think.

In reality, all those "candids" are totally staged. The couple sat there trying to get the perfect shot for at least five minutes. Then, one partner scrolled through the camera roll eliminating bad shots until they finally found the perfect picture. Hardly any of those cutesy photos you see on Insta are actually candids. It's like fake laughing pictures—everyone does them, and everyone should know they're fake.


Claim They Love Everything About Their Partner

What is it with couples and overly emotional Instagram captions? Not long into a relationship, one partner often posts a picture with their person alongside a huge paragraph explaining why they're so perfect. Couples on Instagram love to pretend that they love every single thing about their partner, and they have no problem detailing just how "amazing" their relationship is for the world to see.

In reality, partners annoy each other in a relationship. You can't like every single thing about the person you're with. There will always be things that get under your skin. That doesn't mean those little annoyances are worthy of a breakup. But to pretend that you love every detail of another person simply isn't 100% truthful.

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Plan Perfect Date Nights, Every Time

On Instagram, couples seem to plan the perfect date nights every time they go out. They're always eating at the trendiest restaurants, throwing impromptu picnics or enjoying some other adventurous, Insta-worthy activity.

Despite what Instagram would have you believe, some date nights just aren't that exciting. Sometimes it's just you and your partner going to the same old restaurant or picking up takeout and eating on the couch. However, no one posts about those dates because they're just not that cool. Instead, Insta-couples want you to believe that they're always doing something awesome when, in reality they probably have just as many boring dates as you do.


Publicly Announce Why They Love Their Partner

You're allowed to share whatever you want on Instagram, obviously. But isn't it good to keep some things private? Instagram couples have a tendency to write long captions that are essentially love letters to the person they're with. No couple would ever stand up in a restaurant and monologue for five minutes about why their partner is so amazing. Why are they willing to publicly declare their affection on Instagram?

Some long-winded captions are cute, but they're also social media-specific. While couples often tell their partner why they love them in private, they rarely detail those lovey-dovey aspects of their relationship in public. It's cool to be affectionate with your partner, but it's also cool to keep some aspects of your relationship just between the two of you.

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Spend All Their Time Together

When couples get into a relationship, their feed suddenly switches entirely to photos of them and their partner. If you were looking at their Instagram alone, you'd think they're with their person all day every day. However, that's just not sustainable.

No matter how much time a couple seems to spend together, they can't be attached at the hip 24/7. Couples need time apart and a chance to interact with someone they're not dating. Of course couples spend a good amount of time together, but don't let yourself be tricked into thinking that hanging out with only your partner is the norm.


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