15 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

If your cousin is your best friend, you already know that your relationship isn't quite like any other friendship you've had.

There are certain things about you two that no one else truly gets. Here are the 15 things you'll only understand if your cousin is your bestie.

1. You're best friends with your cousin because you've known them your whole life. However, a bit of distance makes your relationship with them that much sweeter. Since you're not siblings, you're not always under the same roof, giving you fewer chances to drive each other up the wall. That keeps your friendship in perfect balance.

2. Because you know them so well, you're always allowed to be your authentic self around them. There's no point in being fake because they know everything about you, and that can be incredibly freeing.

3. That also means you share your entire life with them. You know your secrets are always safe with them because they're just removed enough from your direct family situation that they'd never snitch, and they similarly trust you with their most guarded secrets.


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4. Your possessions are free game, too. Their clothes are as good as yours (and vice versa). Plus, if you ever forget your lip gloss or mascara, or need to borrow a phone because your battery just died, they've always got your back.

5. If you look alike, everyone always assumes that you're siblings. However, it doesn't take long for people to learn that you're actually cousins, because you never seem to stop talking about it. In fact, you think the fact that you don't share parents makes your unique family friendship even more special.

6. Other people might dread big family gatherings, but you look forward to them with glee because it means you'll get to hang out with your bestie—and that someone will have your back throughout the whole ordeal. In fact, it'll become nearly impossible to separate the two of you, and getting dragged apart is a form of unique misery most will never experience.

7. You've spent practically every holiday with them since you were a baby, and you definitely know how to celebrate with your cousin in style. Family gatherings, and even vacations, together have cemented your bond in a way that simple friendship never could.

8. You're thrilled that you never have to make excuses for your weirdo family when you're dealing with your cousin, because they know their idiosyncrasies in and out. In fact, they've embraced the weirdness, and they accept you just the way you are.


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9. You've become just as comfortable at your aunt and uncle's house as you are at home because you've spent so much time there. And your cousin feels the same way about spending time with your parents. You talk to your aunt and uncle in ways you probably wouldn't ever speak to other adults who weren't your parents, and you love that you can get away with so much.

10. This also means you never have to convince your parents to let you hang out with your cousin because they're family. That's true even when your cousin is a way worse influence than any of your school friends.

11. You've fought with your cousin with an intensity that you'd probably never reveal to someone who wasn't related to you. You can be ridiculously blunt with them at times, but honesty has always been the best policy between the two of you. Chances are, you made up quickly, and your friendship was even stronger at the end of it.

12. You get compared to your cousin constantly, which should probably be annoying, but is actually fine because you adore them so much. You're close enough not to be bothered by comparisons, and they actually motivate you to try to be your best self.

13. As much as you trust your cousin with your life, you also have to keep a watchful eye on keeping them happy. If anything ever went down between you two, you know they have all the juicy information against you to send your entire life tumbling down. Of course, you have the same dirt on them—not that you'd ever dare to spill it.

14. No matter how long you've been apart from your cousin, you're able to pick up things exactly where you left them when you meet up again. There's no such thing as awkward silence with them, because you actually don't know how to shut up when they're next to you.

15. You know you have a forever friend you'll always be able to depend upon. You would put your life on the line for your cousin, and you know they'd do exactly the same for you.


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