Cozy Earth's Linen Bamboo Bedding Collection Is Insanely Soft

love getting into bed every night, lighting a candle, reading a few chapters of my book and getting under the covers.

But you know what makes that experience even better? When my sheets are super soft! I'd been on the hunt for some new sheets to get for my bed when out of the blue, Cozy Earth emailed me asking if I'd like to test out their new linen bamboo bedding collection. I obviously said yes, and boy am I glad I did. Here is my full experience with the brand and its incredible sheets.

The Brand

Cozy Earth is a brand that focuses on comfort, quality and giving customers the best sleep of their lives. From temperature regulation to softness and enhanced fabric, Cozy Earth is always aiming to do more and make its products even better. Minimalist in style and made with quality you can both see and feel, this brand truly knows what it's doing.

cozy earth linen bamboo sheet set bed sleep

(via Cozy Earth)


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The Sheets

Linen Bamboo King Sheet Set: $459 (currently on sale for $367.20!)

Cozy Earth's brand new Linen Bamboo Collection is the first time the brand has used this new, limited-edition fabric—but if I'm being honest, I think they're going to make it a regular in their shop because it's that good! The brand sent me their linen bamboo sheet set in king-size, and the natural color is right up my alley. It came in a cute little bag made from the same material, and after opening it up, I put it in the washer and dryer.

And even after just one wash cycle, I could already feel the fabric start to loosen up and feel softer—all without the pilling you might typically see in cheaper fabrics. I placed the fitted sheet and top sheet on my bed and added the pillow shams to my pillows. The end result was one gorgeous bedding set up and I don't plan on changing it anytime soon.

cozy earth linen bamboo sheet set

(via Cozy Earth)


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But on to the important part—how did the linen bamboo bedding affect my sleep? I'll admit it—the linen material took some getting used to, as it was my first time sleeping with it, but after a few days, it really grew on me. And by that, I mean I don't even remember what my old sheets feel like! I've been getting the best sleep scores ever (which my Fitbit measures) and have been waking up feeling great.

Typically, I'm a hot sleeper and have to throw off the covers in the middle of the night with my overhead fan blasting. But with the 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% linen fabric combination, these sheets have helped to regulate my body temperature. Who knew sheets could do that? And not to mention the way the sheets actually look in my bedroom. They go with my minimalist style and the neutral shade is perfect for those who want a mess and fuss-free environment.

cozy earth linen bamboo sheet set bed person sleep

(via Cozy Earth)


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Bottom Line

I am so happy with my linen bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth, and even though they're definitely on the pricier side, I think they're well worth the investment. These sheets get softer with every wash and won't pill, which definitely can't be said for other sheets out there. You're paying for quality fabrics that will last you for years to come, and in my book, that's all I could ever want.

cozy earth linen bamboo sheet set

(via Cozy Earth)


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