17 Cozy Gifts That'll Make This Mother's Day Mom's Comfiest Ever

With Mother's Day rapidly approaching—is it really only two Sundays from now?!?—chances are that you're looking for the perfect gift to give your mom for the best holiday ever.

And what better way to treat mom than by making her as comfy and cozy as possible in 2021? These last couple of years have been weird ones for all of us, and moms (and beloved grandmas, aunts, teachers, mentors and everything else) deserve the very best. Keep scrolling for a few of the most luxurious Mother's Day gifts you can lavish your mom with this year.

California Cowboy La Sirena Robe: Garibaldi Fish, Farallon Navy: $118.40

For the cool mom who loves bathing in sunshine and relaxing by the pool, we cannot recommend this luxurious cotton and tencel robe, lined with comfy terry cloth, highly enough. It's soft, super breathable and more water-absorbent than regular cotton, and is covered in a fresh pattern featuring the garibaldi, the official state fish of California. It ties around the waist and also has interior ties to keep it securely in place—plus, it's got a sunglasses loop, protective dry pocket for keeping phones safe from the elements, a bottle pocket for mom's favorite beverages, and a bottle koozie and opener and conversation cards to get any party started.


(via California Cowboy)


Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe: $99

If your mom is less of a beachy lounger and more of a spa day gal, this ridiculously comfy Cloud Cotton Robe from Parachute might be a better fit. It's made from 100% Turkish cotton—making it as light as it is luxe—and is designed with a relaxed fit for extra comfort. It ties at the waist, and has two secret side pockets. Plus, it comes in six chicly understated colors.


(via Parachute)


The Happy Planner Black & White Classic Vertical Happy Planner – 18 Months: $32.99

Not everybody relaxes in the same way. In fact, we find that a lot of moms can't fully relax until they know they have all of their bases covered, which is why a planner from The Happy Planner is exactly what they need to unwind. While the design of the planner is minimalistic, it's also thorough and great for daily planning, so mom can create timelines for every different aspect of her life. A busy woman needs a planner that gets the job done.


(via The Happy Planner)


Diamond Art Club: Fall Time: $24.99

Have a creative mom who loves puzzles and time-consuming artsy activities? You can't go wrong with art kits from Diamond Art Club. It's a bit like paint-by-numbers, except the art is created by laying down thousands upon thousands of tiny plastic diamonds on a big adhesive canvas. Not only will it keep her brain and hands busy when she needs time to herself, but the end result is a piece of art worthy of framing.

Diamond Art Club fall time art and supplies

(via Diamond Art Club)


Malicious Women Candle Co. Thanks For Raising Me Mom, I'm Awesome Candle ($20) and Don't Make Me Use My Mom Voice ($20)

Malicious Women Candle Co. may have one of the best brand names we've ever heard, and their candles are just as amazing as their title. Their organic soy candles have a 45-hour burn time and cotton wicks, and they smell absolutely incredible. The "Thanks for Raising Me Mom, I'm Awesome!" candle has their "A Hot Mess" scent, with a hot cinnamon scent reminiscent of Red Hots candies, while the "Don't Make Me Use My Mom Voice" has their "Pear & Ivy" fragrance, which is juicy and fruity in the most tantalizing way. We also love their jars of "We're a Malicious Match" safety matches—and if your mom likes her comedy a bit raunchier, this company has you covered in that department as well.


(via Malicious Women Candle Co.)


Paddywax Palo Santo & Sage Incense ($17) and Black Fig + Vetiver Wash ($13)

Paddywax is an incredible company that specializes in luxury scented products, and we cannot get enough of their fabulous offerings. If mom loves surrounding herself with incredible, grounding scents, we recommend the brand's Haze Incense in Palo Santo & Sage for incense sticks that smell incredible and come with a handy holder built-in. Their Black Fig + Vetiver Wash also has us completely sold on all-in-one head and body washes, and has a wonderfully complex scent that's peppery, woodsy and richly fruity all at once.


(via Paddywax)


Bathorium Charcoal Garden Detox Crush: $7

Sure, everyone likes bath bombs, but if your mom is into more upscale, opulent soaks, get her this unique Epsom salt bath soak from Bathorium. Firstly the scent is incredible, combining the soothing, purifying scent of lavender with the sharp fragrance of basil to cleanse the senses while organic activated charcoal pulls free radicals from the skin. The wonderful salt and coconut milk combination is great for smooth skin and treating achy muscles.


(via Bathorium)


Nion Purity Head & Body: $39

This unusual brush and scrubber for the head and body doesn't just look cool—it feels incredible while imparting all kinds of benefits. With its long points, the scalp brush is designed to press on acupressure points on the head while also massaging your scalp. On the other side, the body brush cleanses and massages the body while also draining the lymph nodes and stretching skin tissue to reduce cellulite. It's all made of antibacterial silicone, and comes with a cover so it fits comfortably in the hand no matter what side you're using at the moment.


(via Nion)


Bath & Body Works Meditative Ocean Waves Body Lotion ($13.50), Stress Relief Moisturizing Body Oil ($16.50) and Sleep Pillow & Body Mist ($13.50)

Bath & Body Works' aromatherapy collection has so much amazing stuff in it that feels nearly impossible to nail down our favorites—but we'll try! Their Meditative Ocean Waves Body Lotion is scented with bergamot and cedarwood, an essential oil blend designed to simulate the ocean and calm the mind. It evokes the calm of the waves while leaving skin moisturized and fresh. Their Stress Relief Moisturizing Body Oil is also formulated to combat stress with a scent of eucalyptus and spearmint. This oil is lightweight while locking in moisture all day. And lastly, we would be remiss not to include something from their sleep collection—in this case, their Sleep Pillow & Body Mist in lavender and vanilla. Whether mom sprays it all over her sheets, right onto her pillow or directly on her skin, the fragrance combination will bring peace and relaxation until she drifts off to sweet dreams.


(via Bath & Body Works)

Bearaby Cotton Napper: $249

Does mom have a hard time getting to sleep in general? A weighted blanket might help, and there's no weighted blanket we love more than Bearaby. Their twin-sized 100% Cotton Nappers come in 15, 20 and 25-pound weights for every type of sleeper, and they come in eight covetable colors while applying gentle pressure on the sleeper that simulates a hug and aids in falling asleep.


(via Bearaby)


Simplicity Teas Gift Tea Box: $29

What's cozier than a relaxing cup of tea? We can't think of anything—and we think that a Simplicity Teas Gift Tea Box, containing four large-sized teas and an adorable surprise tea infuser, might be the best way to gift it. These teas aren't only delicious, but also uniquely flavored, and the fact you can add a special note makes it even sweeter.


(via Simplicity Teas)


Vosges Uzume Collection: $125

While it's not a hard and fast rule that all moms love chocolate, we find that most moms do, and you can't get the mom in your life a more decadent gift than this Uzume Collection box from Vosges. Yes, it does sell for a pretty penny, but that's only because it includes 28 pieces of exquisite spring chocolate inspired by the culture and flavors of Japan. Vosges never fails when it comes to fine flavors. Just hope that mom is willing to share this box with you.


(via Vosges)


Pretzelwich NYC 15 Pack Box Assorted GF Pretzelwiches: $26.99

If you're looking for a chocolatey Mother's Day treat that's indulgent but won't completely break the bank, Pretzelwich NYC's tasty treats will be the happy medium. The Pretzelwiches available in this tasty box come sandwiched with tasty fillings like marshmallow, brownie and cookie dough, and then coated in chocolate and a number of delectable toppings. But be warned—once she has one, she'll have a tough time stopping.


(via Pretzlwich NYC)


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