Crafts With Sunshine: Caroline Sunshine Winter DIY!

In this classic episode of SweetBeatTV, Disney Channel actress Caroline Sunshine joins us at Sweety High to pick the winner of our Crafts with Sunshine winter craft contest!Crafts With Sunshine

Caroline plays foreign exchange fashionista Tinka Hessenheffer on Disney's Shake It Up, so it's appropriate that she picked a stylish craft to show replicate and show off!

Caroline explains that choosing the winner was tougher than picking her favorite flavor of ice cream! Click here to watch Caroline's funky dress tutorial and see whose craft made the creative cut!

To do this awesome craft yourself, you'll just need a pillowcase, a pair of fabric scissors, and parental supervision!

Tell us what you think of the craft in the comics below! And if you have a favorite craft of your own, film it and share it with us at Sweety High!