CRAVITY Dishes on Their New Track 'Bad Habits' and the Making of Its Captivating Music Video

We've been all about K-pop group CRAVITY from the very start, and we gotta say, this is a band that's only getting better with time.

Earlier this year, they dropped their third EP, SEASON 3 – Hideout: Be Our Voice, featuring the catchy and alluring track "Bad Habits," and we haven't been able to get enough of it since. Then, just this month, the guys released its stunning music video, and we fell in love all over again.

We simply had to know more about how this track—and the irresistible video—were made. Lucky for us, we got the chance to ask all nine members of the band all about it.

Cravity Group Shot Bad Habits

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Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Bad Habits"?

Jungmo: Just like our title track "My Turn," EXY from WJSN (Cosmic Girls) wrote the lyrics for us. The composer Ryan S. Jhun helped us a lot in detailing and refining our voice while we were recording so that it could perfectly fit the mood/vibe of the song.

Cravity Jungmo Bad Habits

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Wonjin: It is said that EXY sunbaenim began writing the lyrics under the theme of "Bad Habits" because she wanted to include a message that conveyed a stronger spirit of CRAVITY, as it is our special SEASON 3 album.



SH: What does the song mean to the band? Was it inspired by real experiences?

Minhee: Just by looking at the title of the track, it made me think about my minor habits and I think it applies to other members too. I heard that EXY sunbaenim wrote the lyrics thinking about the insecure world where we are faced with different obstacles. We might face difficulties at some point, but we wanted to show our undying passion and show that we are confident enough to overcome hurdles.

Cravity Minhee Bad Habits

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SH: How do you feel this song is different from what you've released in the past?

Serim: The mood of "Bad Habits" is dark and deep compared to the others. LUVITY can see different charms that they've never seen before!

Cravity Serim Bad Habits

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Woobin: It's darker, more intense, and sexier than the others.



SH: When it came to shooting the music video, what were the aspects of the track that it was most important for you to get across?

Seongmin: The choreography for the chorus part was one of the killing points. We tried to get perfect alignment for our moves and paid a lot of attention to the details and expression.

Cravity seongmin Bad Habits

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Jungmo: All aspects were important, but I think I focused more on the pairing part of the bridge.


SH: What were the visual aspects that you were most excited to showcase?

Hyeongjun: For me, it was a new challenge. I wanted to show darker, deeper and stronger sides of me.

Cravity Hyeongjun Bad Habits

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Taeyoung: We used many different shooting techniques that we've never tried or shown before, so if you haven't checked it out, you should! It's different from our previous performance videos.


SH: What parts of the choreography were you most excited to learn and then show off?

Allen: I really enjoy the choreography for the last chorus where it seems like Wonjin is controlling the rest of us with his arm. I hope viewers pay special attention to this part of the choreography.

Taeyoung: The whole choreography was fun to learn. For the verse, each has new formations, and there are some unit and duet dance parts and I'm sure that our fans loved it!

Cravity Taeyoung Bad Habits

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Serim: My whispering part with our hand gestures covering our face. I think it is one of the killing parts!


SH: What are your favorite lyrics from the track?

Minhee: The chorus is the best! It is very addictive and you will never forget it once you hear it!

Allen: I like the lyrics from the chorus where it says "정해진 틀을 깨버리는게 habits" which roughly translates to, "breaking the set rules/standard is our habit." I feel like this lyric makes a really bold statement and just shows off our confidence even more.

Cravity Allen Bad Habits

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SH: How has the pandemic changed the way you make music together as a group, if at all? Has it been a challenge?

Wonjin: Yes, because we feel different, new emotions these days. We never expected this pandemic and it's always heartbreaking that we can't meet our fans in person. I think it made my voice sound more desperate.

Cravity Wonjin Bad Habits

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Seongmin: Being on a stage without fans, this is the most sad and unfortunate thing that has happened to us. It influenced us a lot because every time we perform on stage, we imagine that our fans are right in front of us.


SH:  Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Woobin: Please give us a lot of support and love! And remember that we are always with you LUVITY, until the day that we can meet each other, stay safe and healthy

Cravity Woobin Bad Habits

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Hyeongjun: Please look forward to our next album and our future activities. We will continue to work hard to make you proud. I'm so glad that we have LUVITY beside us.

Minhee: Be safe and healthy. We miss you all!


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