You'll Never Guess the Craziest Ingredients In Your Fave Beauty Products

We're so quick to slather on a new cream or makeup must-have. We don't even think twice about applying our favorite highlighter before a big night out.

But what if we told you sparkly makeup like highlighters, for example, often use fish scales to create that glimmer? Did you also know that your favorite lipgloss may contain bee venom to create a plumping effect? We've rounded up the weirdest ingredients in beauty, and we bet this list will make you take a closer look at what's in your makeup bag!

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Shark Liver Oil

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Squalene is a substance derived from shark livers. It has moisturizing properties that mimic that of our own bodies, hence why it is preferred by a lot of cosmetic manufacturers. It can be found in lipsticks, moisturizing creams and hair conditioners. Check out the label next time you consider purchasing any of the above beauty products and remember that "squalene" is  code for real shark liver oil. Eww!


Fish Scales

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Contouring has been all the rage and we can rattle off our favorite highlighters faster than we can list our ABCs. Nevertheless, according to, fish scales are commonly used to create a highlighter's glimmer effect. Guanine is the ingredient you would find listed in your products. It's a material with crystal properties that is derived from actual fish scales. The uses for this ingredient are endless: fragrance, shampoo, lipgloss, bath products…the list goes on. If you prefer your beauty without a side of fish, opt for products that don't list guanine under the ingredients label. 


Bee Venom

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You read the title right, bee venom. We've spent countless picnics running away from these creatures for fear that their pointers would meet with our skin and cause crazy pain from a sting. Why on earth would people slather bee venom on their face? Apparently, this bee derived ingredient has crazy tightening properties. When applied topically, your skin is tricked into thinking it's been stung and it starts to plump up the area that came into contact with the venom. This ingredient is always featured front and center in packaging, so no need to find its covert name. If the packaging touts bee venom, you will get what you paid for.



Algae by beach

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Algae is another ingredient that makes us scratch our heads in thought. We spend full beach days avoiding slimy balls of algae from coming into contact with us in the water. You mean to say people are now paying to get this in a jar? Yes! Algae is known to provide crazy moisturizing properties. Seaweed is also known to be an acne fighter. There are whole lines of products strictly dedicated to including algae in their cosmetics.



Pregnant Belly

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Placenta is hands-down one of the ickiest ingredients we've found in makeup. This fetal barrier is known for being rich in hormones and protein. Most products that contain this ingredient use sheep placenta as it's easy to come by. Many shampoos claim that this ingredient helps with hair regrowth. We don't know about you, but just the thought of slathering sheep placenta on our locks makes us want to run the other way!


Gold bars

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One ingredient we weren't scared to find out about is pure gold. It's used to brighten the skin and to reduce inflammation. Not to mention, gold flakes look gorgeous when they are suspended in products or serums. This is one ingredient we really don't mind piling on!


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