Zayn Malik Sings In the Crazy Helium Booth!

If you aren't playing with Crazy Helium Booth yet, you're missing out. Everyone from Ariana Grande to Ed Sheeran has been distorting their faces and giving their voices a helium pitch with the app. You've got to check out these videos.

ed sheeran and taylor swift crazy helium booth

Ed Sheeran's first Helium Booth experiment reminds us of baby Ed.

Look at those specs!

ed sheeran baby picture helium booth

(via Capital FM)

Ariana Grande and Lea Michele join forces to sing a high-pitch Spice Girls classic.

Little Mix's rendition of "Who's Loving You" is somehow just as gorgeous with helium. Stay tuned for a pitch-adjusted version!

Ed + Taylor swapped accents to celebrate their 3-year friendiversary, complete with wacky faces and crazy chipmunk voices.

Perrie Edwards' Helium Booth vid features a special cameo by her fiancé Zayn, who still sounds amazing with a helium filter.

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