These Creative Costume Tutorials Will Help You Stand Out For Halloween

Tired of browsing through the same old Halloween costume selection at the party store? Have no fear, Sweety High is here! We have found some of the most creative and clever costumes, with tutorials to match, just for you.



A Halloween costume tutorial for a gumball machine

What you need to create this costume:

  • A red skirt – If you don't already own one, Forever 21 and Target have some cheap red skirts you can buy for this costume. But caring is sharing, so ask your friends if they have a red skirt you can borrow!
  • A red tank top – You are def going to want to buy a new red tank top since you'll be gluing things onto it. Target is comes in clutch with red tank tops for only $10.
  • An abundance of pom poms – A craft store like Michaels has all the pom poms you need to craft the gumball portion of the costume and for only $6.
  • A black headband – Check Forever 21 or Claire's to find just the headband you desire.
  • Gray felt – Michaels is the store for this! If you don't want to get too crafty, use a gray piece of paper.
  • Fabric glue – Michaels is where it's at when it comes to fabric glue. The one we always use is only $4, such a bargain!



A Dumbledora the Explorer costume tutorial for Halloween

What you need to create this costume:

  • A pink T-shirt – Since it's October, pink shirts can be found just about anywhere, but Michaels sells some for only $4. What's better than that?
  • Orange shorts – These are a little harder to find and a bit more expensive, but Macy's has pairs of orange shorts for $15.
  • White sneakers – If you don't already own a pair, see if you can borrow some of your friend's shoes. Or you can buy some $15 ones at Target.
  • White socks with a frilly trim – Topshop has the CUTEST pair for only $6!
  • A purple backpack – Backpacks are kind of expensive, so if you know a friend who has a purple backpack, ask if you can use theirs to complete this costume. But if you don't know anyone who has one, Staples sells them for $27.
  • A yellow and blue beaded bracelet – You can make your own from stuff at a craft store or check thrift stores in your area for a very cheap alternative.
  • A wizard wand – You're not a real wizard unless you already own a wand, but if you "misplaced" yours, Party City has replica wands you can use for the night.
  • THE map – You can't be Dora without the map! All you have to do for this is roll up a piece of paper and draw a face on it.
  • Some old person glasses – Ask any old person you know to borrow theirs! Claire's also has some non-prescription ones you can use so you don't completely destroy your eyes.
  • A gray beard – You are guaranteed to find one at any party supply store! Party City has one for just $5.



A Halloween costume tutorial for raining cats and dogs

What you need to create this costume:

  • A rain coat – Use one you hopefully already own or borrow one from a friend, because these are incredibly expensive to buy to use for only one night.
  • Any color of leggings you want – Black leggings are the easiest to use, since you probs already own like 60 pairs.
  • Rain boots – If you don't own your own pair, GET ON IT! Target has a variety of super cute rain boots that you can use for the costume and every day it rains for the rest of your life.
  • An umbrella – You have one, trust us.
  • Plenty of stuffed animals – You can use your old stuffed animals or you can buy some from a thrift store if you don't have any.



A Halloween costume tutorial for Holy Cow

What you need to create this costume:

  • A white tee – Hit up Michaels to get one for $4 that you can destroy with cow spots. And while you're at Michaels, don't forget to get some black fabric paints for $2.
  • Black jeans – Everyone owns a pair! If you're the 1% that doesn't, head to the nearest Forever 21 ASAP!
  • Black Converse – You can actually use any black or white sneaker of your choosing to complete this look.
  • Angel wings – Party City has some for $10, but there may be even cheaper ones at whatever party supply store is near you.
  • An angel halo – For only $5, you can get the angel halo of your dreams at Party City!



A Halloween costume tutorial for Dunkin' Donuts

What you need to create this costume:

  • A basketball jersey of some sorts – Your brother, BF or one of your closest guy friends certainly has a jersey you can borrow.
  • Black leggings or basketball shorts – You can really use ANY bottoms you want to use to complete this look. But if you want to look like a legit basketball player, ask any guy in your life if you can use a pair of his athletic shorts.
  • Sweatbands of any color – DICK's Sporting Goods has some for $6.
  • Basketball shoes – Any sneakers you desire to use will actually work, also.
  • Sporty socks – Try asking some of your athletic friends if you can borrow a pair of theirs, if you don't have any and certainly don't want to waste money buying some.
  • An inflatable donut – Bless Target for existing and selling such an amazing product!
  • A basketball – You can find one somewhere.



A Halloween costume tutorial for Copy Cat

What you need to create this costume:

  • Black leggings and a black tank top – You've got both of these lying around somewhere.
  • Cat ears – Maybe Ariana Grande will let you borrow hers? Or you can hit up Claire's for $7 ones.
  • A picture of any cat you want to make copies of – Make at least 30 copies of the cat picture of your heart's desire and use tape to stick it all over you. We suggest Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub.



A Halloween costume tutorial for Hawaiian Punch

What you need to create this costume:

  • A Hawaiian shirt – You can actually use any brightly colored top you own for this costume.
  • A hula skirt – Party City has more hula skirts than you thought existed starting at $9.
  • Leis – You can get 25 of these bad boys for only $6 at Party City, too.
  • Flip flops – Use any pair you own!
  • Boxing gloves – Your dad may own some when he thought he would exercise more (ha!), but Sport Chalet has some for $20.
  • Hawaiian Punch – Get enough to quench your thirst for the rest of your life at Dollar Tree.



A Halloween costume tutorial for Lord(e) of the Rings

What you need to create this costume:

  • A black long-sleeve dress – Hopefully you already own something similar in style. If not, head over to Forever 21 because they have a TON of options for you to choose from.
  • A black wide brim hat – Forever 21 also has this, but they're kind of expensive at $25. Try asking a friend if you can borrow hers for the night.
  • Black boots – Any chic black shoes you have will work to complete this costume.
  • RINGS – Wear all the rings you own, all the rings your mom owns, all the rings you friends own, just WEAR ALL THE RINGS!!!!!
  • Dark purple lipstick – The NYX dark purple lipstick is only $6 at Target.
  • Straight up sass – You can't buy this, rather you must FEEL it!


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